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Lance Riddick, 60, Passes Away: Destiny Community Mourns

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The Destiny community is mourning this week. Lance Riddick, famous actor and video game voice actor, died last week at the age of 60. Click here for my thoughts and the “Destiny 2” community’s reaction.

The Destiny community is mourning this week. Lance Riddick, famous actor and video game voice, passed away last week at the age of 60. It was revealed that Riddick passed of natural causes, but details surrounding his death remain mostly unknown to the public. Since Riddick’s passing, fans have taken action to pay tribute to the actor and voice they’ve grown to love.

The “Destiny 2” fanbase has truly gone above and beyond to honor Riddick due to him casting the voice of Commander Zavala for years. Zavala has been included in the Destiny saga since its inception, both in the standard game and numerous extra content.

General Zavala

General Zavala has taken on many forms over the years, with Riddick only embracing the character’s story increasingly as time progressed. Riddick has remained perfectly in tune with the character that Zavala was meant to emulate, and it’s something the fans of destiny 2 have noticed and appreciated. Not only was Riddick dedicated to General Zavala, but he was also dedicated to the game. Riddick was a known fan and player of the “Destiny 2” game and would reportedly spend countless hours honing his skills and completing quests in the game while he isn’t busy with acting.

Riddick’s Final Evening

Riddick was so in love with the game that fans on reddit were even able to piece together that Riddick was active and playing the game on his final evening before he passed away. According to a report, Reddit user TechSwag explained that they had noticed Reddick’s Bungie.net username was visible in a few of the gameplay videos the actor had uploaded to social media, so they decided to look up his account and learn more about his gaming habits. Sadly, it appears the actor did not manage to finish the final “Lightfall” campaign mission, despite putting in a valiant effort.

In memorial, fans have taken to the game to complete the Lightfall mission in honor of Riddick. Fans have gone to great lengths to honor the man behind General Zavala, who avid players have grown to love as a virtual family member. Players can be seen honoring the character in the main lobby of the game even a week after his passing. What Zavala did for the Destiny community won’t soon be forgotten.

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