We are in a sad and strange time in America. There is nothing to bet on in the world of sports, and there HAS been nothing to bet on in the world of sports for over two weeks now. Casinos across the country are shut down. Therefore, those are in need of a place to place a bet that can get their action during this time. But, it’s not in sports… It’s on the PresidentDonald Trump and his daily pronouncements.

Each day – when the President is scheduled to speak an emerging betting location, some sportsbooks like are giving us an over/under on some of the words and phrases the President uses often. As you know – the President has been addressing the nation with his task force during the Corona Virus Pandemic media briefings. Now, this is funny, and could be fun. No matter what side of the Red or Blue you are. No matter whether you like what the President is doing or not, here is your chance to place a wager on it.

You could wager those in the same group, and get a total of 24.5. An individual number at times is set at 8.5 for the over/under.

If you are unfamiliar with how to bet on the totals, first, you are probably at the wrong place. But, anyways, a total is a number in which you can bet on the OVER (more than) or UNDER (less than), with a chance to win whatever the wager is worth. For example, if you had a TOTAL on the NCAA Championship Game (make believe), and you took UNDER 150.5 in the Kansas/Kentucky affair, and the game ended at 75-74, you would WIN for the total finishing at 149, UNDER the number.

The website – along with many other sports betting sites have FUTURE bets for you to wager on. These are some of the most popular bets overall, and especially during this time. A few of the FUTURE bets that are available right now include:

  • Odds to win Super Bowl 55:
    • Kansas City Chiefs +550
    • Baltimore Ravens +650
    • San Francisco 49ers +750
    • New Orleans Saints +1100
  • Odds to win NBA Finals 2020:
    • Los Angeles Lakers +225
    • Milwaukee Bucks +225
    • Los Angeles Clippers +300
    • Boston Celtics +1200
  • Odds to win Stanley Cup 2020:
    • Boston Bruins +500
    • Tampa Bay Lightning +600
    • Colorado Avalanche +700
    • Vegas Golden Knights +800
  • Odds to win World Series 2020:
    • New York Yankees +350
    • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
    • Houston Astros +900
    • Atlanta Braves +1400
  • Odds to win NCAA Football Title 2021:
    • Clemson Tigers +250
    • Ohio State Buckeyes +450
    • Alabama Crimson Tide +550
    • Georgia Bulldogs +900
  • Odds to win NCAA Basketball Title 2021:
    • Gonzaga Bulldogs +900
    • Virginia Cavaliers +900
    • Kansas Jayhawks +1000
    • Michigan State Spartans +1000

It should be an interesting sports season when these sports get back to action. We are curious how the NBA and NHL season are going to conclude, and then when Major League Baseball comes back, will they play a half-season, or how will it proceed? Enjoy!