Everyone knows and loves the Academy Awards. Viewers get to see their favorite actors and actresses walking the red carpet, dressed in glamorous designer outfits, while they wait to see who will get to take that notorious golden trophy home.

The Academy Awards give out Oscars to those movies, directors, soundtracks, and actors that make people continue going out to theaters and watching movies. The awards are chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and they are the highest achievement in the movie world.

Luckily for movie enthusiasts, you can place bets on the Academy Awards. There are many different categories for bettors to place wagers on, including the awards for “Best Actor”, “Best Actress”, and “Best Picture”. These awards are arguably the most exciting ones of the night, so start researching and place your bets!

Best Actress

One of the categories you can place bets on is “Best Actress”. This category will award whatever woman the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did the best at her job over the past year. The nominations aren’t out yet, but you can expect to see Michelle Yeoh, Viola Davis, Cate Blanchett, Margot Robbie, and Carey Mulligan on the list.

Cate Blanchett is favored to win the award with odds 9-2. Over the past year, she starred in the movies Don’t Look Up and Nightmare Alley. Her nomination would most likely be for Nightmare Alley, which she did an amazing job in.

You can expect to see Michelle Yeoh on this nomination list for her work in the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, which took the world by a storm a few months ago. In this movie, she plays a woman who has to use her courage to fight the dangers of the multiverse. She’s next in line to win the Oscar with odds 19-4.

Best Actor

Another category that bettors can wager on is the award for “Best Actor”. This category is for the best male performer over the past year, and it will definitely be a tight race, as many actors performed very well in recent movies. Bettors can expect to see Hugh Jackman, Austin Butler, Brendan Fraser, Colman Domingo, and Jesse Plemons nominated this year.

Austin Butler is expected to win this award with odds 3-1. This year, he played Elvis Presley in the new movie Elvis, and it’s said that he encompassed the role nearly perfectly. Although he hasn’t been in much since his teen years on television, he impressed many with this role. He’s definitely deserving of this award if he wins.

Hugh Jackman is next in line to win “Best Actor” with odds 15-4. This isn’t very surprising considering the talent he’s shown over a wide range of genres in his career. He will probably be nominated for his work in Reminiscence, where he plays a private investigator who has an intense realization while working for a client.

Writer’s Pick

Although I’m a die-hard Hugh Jackman fan, I think that the screenwriting of Reminiscence may have failed him. I’m going to have to go with Austin Butler on this one.