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The Voice Finale with ODDS

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Shelton’s draw at The Voice is unsurpassed. 

The Voice concludes! DeSz for Team Kelly Clarkson, John Holiday for Team John Legend, Carter Rubin for Team Gwen Stefani, and both Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan for Team Blake Shelton.

The public only got two week of “live” performances  but the odd are have given Carter the best combined odds to win at 16/5 currently. DeSz is polling second with a respectable 18/1 odds, Ian is in third with 35/1 odds, Jim is in fourth with 62/1 odds, and John would be a long shot winner with his 100/1 odds.

 The Voice Sesaon 19 Finale

  • Tem Kelly has DeSZ left with a chance to win
  • Team Legend still has hope for John Holiday
  • Gwen Stefani Team features teenager Carter Rubin
  • Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan represent Team Blake


The Voice Odds

Carter Rubin 16-5

DeSz 18-1

Ian 45-1

Jim 62-1

John 100-1

The Voice Profiles

Carter Rubin

He started this journey as a 14-year -old singing “Before You Go” at the Blind Audition. Carter has the package of former youthful winners an certainly is the favorite to win it all. Gwen has never won the title in her five years of coaching. Carter is now 15 years of age.


Her Blind Audition performance of Toni Braxton‘s “Unbreak My Heart” was one of only three four-chair turns and is a favorite of all songs performed.. She certainly has a chance to garner the public vote and win.

Ian Flanigan and Jim Ranger

Having Blake Shelton as a coach is definitely a plus here as the public tends to vote his performers very well. His voice seems to be thee talk after every performance and that i the name of the show. Don’ t be surprised he if wins it all. Shelton is an excellent coach. Issue here is Ian and Jim Ranger are similar and may split the vote. In the Blind Audition he sang “Angel” by Sarah Mc Lachlan.

John Holaday

Team Legend ill be looking for their second championship as a coach.He has an affinity for oldies and appears to be able to perform all genres. He already had performed Coldplay,Frank Sinatra nd Ella Fitzgerald. He has a wide range to us and a tone unlike any other. Will likely finish last of the five.


The Voice Prediction

This writer goes with Team Blake and Ian Flanigan for the win. Shelton’s draw at The Voice is unsurpassed.


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