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100 Thieves Announces 2022 VALORANT Roster

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The wait is no more. 100 Thieves have filled in their roster and are ready to kick off the 2022 VCT. Read more about the latest 100 Thieves roster changes here!

After months of waiting and heavy speculation about the status of 100 Thieves VALORANT going into 2022, 100 Thieves have officially announced their five-person VALORANT roster for 2022. 

After the departure and release of prominent starters Nicholas “nitr0” Canella; Joshua “steel” Nissan; and Aaron “b0i” Thao, and the release of head coach Hector “FrosT” Rosario in November 2021, things were looking pretty grim for 100 Thieves coming into 2022.

Canella, who joined the team in August 2020, has opted to completely retire from the VALORANT professional scene and return to the game he first found success in, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Nissan, who was benched and replaced by Thao, was released from his contract and joined T1 as their VALORANT IGL (in-game leader) alongside long-time 100 Thieves substitute Johann “seven” Hernandez. 

Thao was also released from the 100 Thieves roster but is yet to be added to another roster.


A History of Rebuilds

Without a coach, a substitute, and two starters, 100 Thieves VALORANT was in shambles. The only remaining players were team captain Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk, and Ethan “Ethan” Arnold. However, 100 Thieves is very experienced in the rebuilding department. Martin, 100 Thieves’ first sign on and entry to the VALORANT scene, is the only remaining member of the original squad containing other NA pros Valliate, Venerated, YaBoiDre, and Pride. 

After releasing all four of those members, 100 Thieves started their first official rebuild by signing Nissan, Cannella, Thao, Mazuryk, and Quan “dicey” Tran; Thao was signed as a substitute. Unsatisfied with Tran’s performance, 100 Thieves then signed newcomer Arnold, a fan favorite since his announcement in February of 2021.

After their heartbreaking loss at the North American Last Chance Qualifiers for  VALORANT Champions 2021, the organization parted ways with Nissan, Canella, Thao, and Hernandez. 


Moving Forward

With significant holes in the roster, rumors were swirling the internet surrounding the addition of Adam “ec1s” Eccles as the team’s IGL and former FaZe VALORANT member Hunter “BabyJ” Schline. As expected, 100 Thieves made no comments about the signing and tryout process. 

This meant that fans would have to wait for every role to be filled before any news was announced. 

Luckily for them, on Jan. 17th, 100 Thieves released a short video announcing their full roster for the 2022 season. 

As the rumors suggested, Eccles and Schline were added to the team. Eccles will serve as the team’s IGL, and Schline will fill out the final roster slot.

Alongside Hunter “BabyJ” Scline, Adam “ec1s,” (above) was added to 100 Thieves VALORANT roster.

Eccles previously played in the EMEA, the top region in the VALORANT professional scene. He will provide the Thieves with valuable insight into how the best players organize their team. Schline, on the other hand, last played with FaZe in NA. Although they were never a particularly strong team, Schline was one of the best players on the roster. 

Alongside these major player signings, 100 Thieves also announced that Jovanni “Jovi” Vera will be promoted to Head Coach and “Rocket” will fill the role of assistant coach.

With a finalized roster and the 2022 VCT underway, 100 Thieves is looking dangerous. Could NA go all the way this year? Doubtful, but 100 Thieves are resilient, and only time will tell.

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