The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021/22 season kicks off on Monday, November 29, with the opening rounds of the Winter Tour. This season introduced a new competitive format, with three tours separated by a Major, all leading to The International 11, the road to which begins this Monday.

New Year, New Format

This month, Valve announced a new competitive format for the Dota 2 esports scene, unveiling a new format for the 2021/22 DPC season. This season will be separated into three Tours (Winter, Spring, Summer), serving as regional competitions.

These tours will take place across Western Europe, Eastern Europe, China, Southeast Asia, North America, and South America. Over the three tours, the teams will compete for a spot at the Major and DPC points, which will qualify them for TI.

Adding to the format change, Valve also decided to introduce a new scoring system. While all Division I tours reward DPC points, those later in the season award more, meaning that there will be more points up for grabs in the Summer Tour compared to the Winter Tour.

The same system will be in place for the Majors, with the Winter Major awarding 1900 points, Spring 2700, and Summer Major offering up to 3500 DPC points. Valve introduced the change, so the teams who do well early into the season don’t intentionally underperform in the latter stages of the year, knowing that they’re already qualified for TI.

Winter Tour 2021

Regional Leagues DPC points: 690

Major DPC points: 1,900

Spring Tour 2022

Regional Leagues DPC points: 920

Major DPC points: 2,700

Summer Tour 2022

Regional Leagues DPC points: 1,150

Major DPC points: 3,500

The 2021/22 DPC season will kick off on Monday, November 29, culminating on January 22.

The tours will be divided into two divisions (Division I, Division II), with only the teams from the top division able to qualify for the Major. Meanwhile, the top two teams from the second division will get promoted into the top division, replacing the bottom two Division I teams for the DPC Spring Tour.

DPC Winter Tour Division I

All six DPC Winter Tour Division I regional competitions will feature eight teams, who will be competing for a spot at the Winter Major. Besides qualifying for the Winter Major, the teams will also be vying for the lions’ share of $205,000 and 690 DPC points.

The top team from each top division will earn $30,000 in winner’s share, 300 DPC points, and a direct invite to the Winter Major Playoffs. The second-placed team will earn $28,000 in tournament prize and an invite for the Major Group Stage.

Third and fourth-placed teams will earn $27,000 and $26,000, respectively, and status of Wild Card for the Winter Major. The remaining four teams will earn from $25,000 – $22,000 in prize winnings, while the bottom two teams get relegated into the second division for the next season.

DPC Winter Tour Division II

The second division DPC Winter Tour will offer no DPC points. Instead, each regional competition will feature eight teams vying for the lion’s share of the $75,000 prize pool and a promotion into the top division for the top-two placed teams.

The prize pool will be split between the top six teams, while the bottom two teams will be eliminated from the regional league. These teams will then have to fight through the open qualifiers to earn a spot in the DPC Spring Tour.

The Winter Tour kicks off on November 29 with the opening Division II matches from all six regions. The top division will kick off on Tuesday, November 30, with games from North America and Western Europe regional leagues.

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