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How to Watch the 2022 League of Legends World Championship Group Stage

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Worlds 2022 is just around the corner. Read more here about how and when you can watch the Group Stage.

The main event of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship officially kicks off on Friday, October 7th. The tournament started on September 29th with the preliminary event.. This event, called the Play-Ins Stage, saw the lowest-ranked teams from the major regions and the minor region representatives go head to head for one of four remaining spots in League of Legends the Group Stage.

With those teams now drawn into their respective groups in the group stage, the main event is ready to start. The main event matches will be streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and League of LegendsEsports via the Riot Games live stream. The schedule for the first day of the tournament is as follows:

5:00 PM EST: Cloud9 vs. Fnatic
6:00 PM EST: G2 Esports vs. DWG KIA
7:00 PM EST: CTBC Flying Oyster vs. 100 Thieves
8:00 PM EST: JD Gaming vs. Evil Geniuses
9:00 PM EST: T1 vs Edward Gaming
10:00 PM EST: Gen.G vs RNG

The main event will continue through the 10th of October before taking a brief pause and resuming from October 13th-16th until the League of Legends Group Stage has concluded. From there, the League of Legends Quarterfinals of the Knockout Stage will be held from October 20th-23rd. The League of Legends Semi-finals will be held from October 29th-30th, and the Finals will be held on November 5th.

The Group Stage

The Group Stage is the first part of the tournament’s main event. In the Group Stage, the best major region teams from around the world compete in a double round-robin format for the opportunity to progress to the next stage in the tournament.

The Group Stage consists of four groups of four teams. Three of the teams in each group were immediately drawn, lottery style, into their groups based on their performances in their respective regional championships. The four remaining teams, who were outperformed in their regional championships, were forced to compete in the Play-Ins Stage in order to make it into a group.

While a lottery system determines which teams are in which group, there are two crucial rules that limit some of the variations within groups. In order to promote international competition, teams from the same region can not compete against one another in the same group. Additionally, major region teams of the same seed cannot compete in the same group. With those rules in place, the drawn groups are as follows:

Group A

Cloud9 (LCS 1st Seed)
T1 (LCK 2nd Seed)
Edward Gaming (LPL 3rd Seed)
Fnatic (Play-In Qualifier)

Group B

JD Gaming (LPL 1st Seed)
G2 Esports (LEC 2nd Seed)
DWG KIA (LCK 3rd Seed)
Evil Geniuses (Play-In Qualifier)

Group C

Rogue (LEC 1st Seed)
Top Esports (LPL 2nd Seed)
GAM Esports (1st Seed)
DRX (Play-In Qualifier)

Group D

Gen.G (LCK 1st Seed)
CTBC Flying Oyster (PCS 1st Seed)
100 Thieves (LCS 2nd Seed)
RNG (Play-In Qualifier)

*GAM Esports and CTBC Flying Oyster are minor regions and, therefore, can appear in the same group as other, same-ranked, major region teams.

The Knockout Stage

Following the conclusion of the League of Legends Group Stage’s double round robin, the two teams in each group with the most wins, with a maximum of six, are promoted into the League of Legends Knockout Stage, while the two teams below them in their group are eliminated from the League of Legends tournament.

The Knockout Stage is composed entirely of best-of-five matches, meaning that teams in the Knockout Stage will need to beat their opponents in three separate matches in order to progress into the next leg of the stage. The Knockout Stage is single elimination, meaning that it is winning or go home. Teams that lose in any leg of the Knockout Stage are eliminated from the tournament altogether.

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