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2023 Streamer Awards Preview

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After a successful 2022 Streamer Awards, QTCinderella is back again hosting the awards show this year. Click here for a preview of what the awards show is all about.

After a successful 2022 Streamer Awards, QTCinderella is back again hosting the awards show this year. QTCinderalla is a twitch streamer with a large following online. The awards show in 2022 even featured a performance from hip-hop superstar Yung Gravy.

The event that QTCinderella puts together is truly something special for streamers. The event is a great way for streamers to recognize good work being done in the industry. The event, however, comes with its critics.

The Critics

Fans and outsiders have voiced their belief that the event is a self centered way for already very popular streamers to celebrate themselves. However, the truth is recognition from other streamers for one’s hard work does in fact mean something to some people.

In response to those that think the event is just another way for privileged streamers to celebrate, QTCinderalla responded “People will say people don’t watch the Grammys, people don’t watch the Oscars, and it’s like, that’s fine.. Because there’s still 300 people in the audience that feel a part of something. And that’s what’s more important to me than any of this.” Gaining recognition for their work in ways other than gaining followers has to feel good.


What QTCinderella is trying to build is a sense of community in the streaming community. In a community that can be so toxic, the goal of the awards show is to bring people together.

“This industry can be so toxic. It’s because farming drama gets views. But we all have audiences, and every time we do that, that’s just spreading the message that that’s how you get attention. And that’s bad for everybody. So I just hope, at least with this award show, it puts a temporary pause on that. I’m not going to solve drama … but I might be able to create some friendships.”

QTCinderella really believes the 2022 version of the event did just that; “It’s so much more than just one night in the same room. It literally squashed beefs.”


In 2022 the event peaked at 381,436 concurrent viewers, making it the 45th highest concurrent viewership for a single broadcast in Twitch history. Event founders and Twitch streamers QTCinderella and Maya Higa served as the hosts and will do so again this year.

Where, When, How Can I Watch?

The 2023 Streamer awards will be held on Saturday, March 11th. The event is presented by and streaming exclusively on Twitch. The show will be held at the Wiltern live music venue and theater, in Los Angeles, California. The show kicks off at 3pm PST/ 6pm EST.

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