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2nd Inning Player Program and New Event

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With the new 2nd inning program, we get a new player program as well as a new event. Check it out and stay tuned for more esports news.

With the new 2nd inning program, we get a new player program as well as a new event. Let’s discuss why and how to do the player program as well as break down the event and discuss some of the must have players for your lineups.

Fred McGriff

The 2nd inning player program involves 88 overall all star Fred McGriff. The left handed first baseman only plays first base. He has diamond hitting stats with 78 contact vs. righties and 76 contact vs lefties. He has 90 power vs. righties and 86 power vs. lefties. The real struggle with this card is the poor defense. With only 65 fielding, he will struggle to play first place at higher difficulties.

This card can be acquired a few different ways. The easiest of these ways is by completing the moments in the player program screen. There are six different moment options, some harder than others, but can be completed in less than an hour. Once that is completed, you make your way to the exchanges and simply exchange a few common first baseman to get you within eight points.

After the exchange, all you have to do is play the cpu where the cpu is the Padres on all star difficulty. After you beat them, you will have completed the program and will receive the card. This card will not make many lineups as there are several first basemen that have better power and fielding stats, but this is not a bad bench bat. He can also be collected in the second inning program screen for an extra 35,000 xp towards the completion of the 2nd inning program.

New Event

The 2nd inning program has also brought us a new event. This event is titled Silver Slugger. In this event, you have the ability to use any player you want as long as their base stats give them an overall rating of a silver player. If you do not have enough silver players, you can fill your roster with common players.

What makes this event nice is that most players are able to participate and have a fighting chance. In a lot of the other events coming up throughout the year, the events will be able to use some of the best cards in the game that will make it tougher for more of the average player. This event is three inning games with normal rules.

There are a few players that are must haves in your lineup. If you are planning on just using live series players, Dustin May, Corey Kluber and Eugenio Suarez are must haves in your lineup. If you have the ability to spend some stubs, look into the Topps Now Akil Baddoo, the Veteran Robin Chirinos, the Rookie Matt Adams, and the Breakout Logan Morrison.

With this event also comes a reward path. The reward path that is always there is the 12 in a row win reward. If you are able to win three games without losing two, you are rewarded with a bronze player. If you are able to win six, you get a silver player. Nine wins gets you a gold player. And if you are good enough to win 12 games without losing two you are rewarded with an 85-89 live series diamond.

There are also reward paths for total wins. At 25 wins you are rewarded with 89 overall silver slugger Asdrubal Cabrera. This card is one of the best hitting primary shortstops in the game. He is a switch hitter that has 82 contact and 82 power vs righties, and 95 contact and 67 power vs. lefties. He is also rated gold for his fielding, which he has a 75 fielding attribute, 80 arm power and 80 arm accuracy. For a no money spent player, this card is very viable at the shortstop position.

If you are able to get to 40 wins, you will be rewarded with 92 overall gold glove Nick Markakis. This card is a double diamond, meaning he has diamond hitting stats and diamond fielding stats. He has 101 contact and 68 power vs. righties and 85 contact and 45 power vs. lefties. He has a 91 fielding attribute, 92 arm power and 96 arm accuracy. This is another card that will not make many competitive lineups with the top players, but could be a potential bench bat, or be a starter for players who do not have a lot of live series players.

There are also tons of free packs and stubs that can be acquired the more wins you gather. Also, online pvp games usually gain more xp then play vs. computer games, so if you are trying to get the 2nd inning program completed and do not want to play ranked seasons games, this is another easy way to accrue lots of xp needed for the program.

For any major updates or programs be sure to check into for all your MLB the Show 21 news and for anything else esports.

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