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4th Inning Program

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The newest program is out for MLB the Show 21. Let’s take a look at the choice packs that you can obtain on the xp path, and discuss the probable choices.

4th Inning Program – The newest program is out for MLB the Show 21. Let’s take a look at the choice packs that you can obtain on the xp path, and discuss the probable choices.

100,000 XP Choice Pack

The first option is 89 overall All Star relief pitcher Rollie Fingers. This card has been a staple in budget squad bullpens for the last several years. With a four pitch mix, sinker, slider, forkball and fastball, Fingers has a decent pitch mix. With 102 K/9 and 92 H/9 he has the necessary stats to get you a solid inning. The negative is, about an inning is all you are going to get out of him with 33 stamina.

The next option is 88 overall All Star first baseman Tony Perez. This card is a hitting machine. He has 91 contact and 95 power against righties and 96 contact and 79 power against lefties.

A downside to Perez is on the defensive side with only 69 fielding. He has the potential to be a solid bench bat for a budget team.

The final option is 88 overall All Star starting pitcher John Smoltz. The biggest benefit to this card is the five pitch mix Smoltz offers. He throws a four seam, slider, circle-change, curveball, and a regular change up. He does have decent velocity with the fastball getting up to 96, and can really change speeds with his changeup getting all the way down to 83.

One negative is the 79 H/9 statistic, high contact batters will have larger PCI’s and it will be much tougher to get them out. A solid option for a team looking for a good fifth starter.

175,000 XP

The first option in this choice pack is 91 overall 2019 monthly awards Tommy Edman. A very versatile player, can play all positions on the field except first base and catcher. A really nice leadoff hitter with 110 contact and 70 power against righties and 98 contact and 85 power against lefties.

He has 85 speed and 92 steal as well. The only real negative to this card is his 72 fielding. If you are not planning on playing him at third base, he will take a hit to his defense at his secondaries and be down to 67 fielding.

The second option is 90 overall All Star Home Run Derby Joc Pederson. This card has insane power with 123 against both righties and lefties. Outside of the power, he has 68 contact against righties and 58 contact against lefties. A primary left fielder, he can play centerfield and right field as well. The real issue with this card is his lack of defense. With only 59 fielding and 64 reaction, he will not be able to get to many balls not hit right at him. A potentially great bench bat.

The third and final option is 90 overall 2019 player of the month relief pitcher Trevor May. Featuring a four pitch mix, four seam, slider, change up, and curveball, May is a solid bullpen arm. His H/9 at 102 and K/9 at 108 make him a very solid option to come out of the pen to get you a good inning of work.

The only real issue with this card is he does not throw one of the main two pitches that are most effective in online modes, sinker and cutter. Mixing pitches effectively will be the only way this card can become usable for top players.

The Final Bosses

The first option is 99 overall Gold Glove first baseman Eddie Murray. This switch hitting slugger has 100 contact and 101 power against righties and 125 contact and 104 power against lefties. Not only is this card a hitting machine, he is a great defensive first baseman as well with 92 fielding. There is no real downside to this card as he will become one of the best first baseman in the game.

The next option is 99 overall starting pitcher Christy Mathewson. This card features a crazy five pitch mix with his number one pitch being a screwball. He also throws a four seam, a 12-6 curveball, a change up and a sinker.

His best stat is his 124 stamina, Mathewson is an inning eater that will be tough to hit. The one downside to this card is Mathewson has a very long windup. If you can deal with that while pitching, then this card has the potential to make most starting rotations.

The third and final option is 99 overall Future Stars Wander Franco. Primary position as shortstop, he can also play second base as well as third base. Franco is a switch hitter with 117 contact and 94 power against righties and 105 contact and 84 power against lefties.

He will be one of the top defensive shortstops with 87 fielding, 92 arm strength, and 86 reaction. He also has 84 speed. Looking at the card alone, there are really no flaws in what this card is capable of doing.

Decision Making

When looking at these cards, there is potential for any of these cards to be added to your lineup. There is bullpen help in the first choice packs and a great starter as the final boss. There is great defensive help in all of the choice packs as well.

A lot of these decisions come down to making your team better! Good luck and happy grinding!

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