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9th Inning Program

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The Final Inning program for 2021 is here. The 9th Inning Program features three of the best cards in the game.

9th Inning Program – San Diego Studios has released the final program for their inning programs. This program does not disappoint either, as it features three of the best cards in the game. Let’s take a look at the three newest bosses added to MLB the Show.

Johnny Bench

The first card in this trio is 99 overall MVP Awards catcher Johnny Bench from the Cincinnati Reds. This card is built after the 1970 season where Bench hit .293, had 45 home runs, and 148 rbi’s. Bench also threw out 30 of the 62 runners that tried to steal on him that season. With that information, we know this card should have solid hitting stats as well as elite defense.

His hitting attributes read 89 contact and 100 power against righties, with 114 contact and 125 power against lefties. This makes him one of the best hitting catchers in the game. What sets him apart is the 95 fielding attribute with 95 arm strength. Not only will Bench be one of the best hitting catchers, but he is easily one of the best defensive catchers.

Eric Gagne

The next option is the 99 overall relief pitcher Eric Gagne from the Los Angeles Dodgers. This card is built on his 2003 season where Gagne recorded 55 saves. This card will have an elite pitch mix as well as great per 9’s. Knowing that he is a successful closing pitcher, we also know he will get the pressure cooker quirk as well as the stingy quirk which are the best quirks for relief pitchers.

Gagne will have a solid five-pitch mix of four-seam, Vulcan change, curveball, splitter, and slider. With this pitch mix, plus his 99 break, several of his pitches will break extremely hard. He also has elite per 9’s, as expected, with 125 H/9 and 125 K/9. With these attributes, this card will be tough to do much damage against at all skill levels.

Babe Ruth

The final card in this program is the 99 overall Signature Series first baseman, Babe Ruth, from the New York Yankees. If you do not know who the Great Bambino is, or the Sultan of Swat, then you should take a few hours and do a little research on arguably the greatest power hitter to ever play the game. He currently ranks third in total home runs in his career with 714.

This is the only card in the game that has base 125 stats. He has 125 contact against both right-handed pitching and left-handed pitching, as well as, 125 power against both as well. If those hitting stats do not get you extremely excited to use this card, I am not sure what more you would need. The only real issue with this card is his 75 defensive attribute as a primary left fielder, but he has a secondary of first base.


There is no wrong choice in this pack which is awesome. While I am not sure how why you would choose Bench over Ruth, I understand if you are in need of a solid catcher. I would suggest knocking out the old team affinity and adding Adley Rutschman then taking Ruth.

One of the last content drops is coming this weekend with Team Affinity 5. These cards will be the finest cards, which are usually given to the best players on each team that does not have a 99 overall already in the game. Look for that breakdown next week.

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