It was just recently announced that Betway and CS:GO tournament organizer, Blast, partnered up in providing four Olympic-themed challenges to players competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The popular online sportsbook has been on the rise this past year as they recently teamed up with the MercedesCup Tennis Tournament breaking into the tennis area of the industry. Now, they look to expand even more as they enter the gaming business.

The deal is an expansion of an existing deal Betway already has with a Brazilian esports organization known as MIBR. The news of an entirely new deal broke after Betway and CS:GO team MIBR had announced that they planned on renewing their existing contract for a fourth straight year. 

Esports Director of Betway Adam Savinson shared his thoughts on his company’s latest partnership saying, “Building on our existing four-year partnership with IGC’s MIBR team, we are very happy to be able to bring in more of their talented roster into the Betway family.”

Betway and CS:GO Partnership | The Four Challenges

Players will have the privilege of competing in four Olympic-themed challenges to win the Betway x Blast golden medal and walk away from a champion. Before doing so, you’re going to need your A-game as each challenge requires a certain amount of mental capacity to complete.

The first challenge focuses primarily on one’s agility. How long can you go? Here players will face the tough obstacle of jumping over hurdles until they simply cannot go any longer. Last one standing wins that challenge.

Next, competitors will dive in the water and have their balance tested as they learn to ride the wave. Experience and timing play a key factor in contributing to a players success for this challenge.

The third challenge has been kept unknown, but we are aware it has something to do with a glass floor. Perhaps players will be tested on strength as they do their best in breaking the glass? One can only guess at this point.

Lastly, players will be tested on a combination of all skills in a game of competitive tag. Here players will try recording the least amount of times tagged to win the challenge at hand.

Once the four challenges have been completed, the results and scores will be tallied up in discovering the 2021 Betway x Blast champion.

Excited for the new partnership, Savinson said,

“The Betway Spring Games is the latest addition to the ever-growing portfolio of Counter-Strike maps produced by Betway. The maps are a unique way Betway can engage CS:GO fans and have become a staple within the community.”

Betway continues to rise in popularity and climb the ladder of success. Before we know they will have partnerships with every sport that benefits from gamblers losing money. It’s certainly their long-term goal, and they’re one step closer to accomplishing it with their partnership with CS:GO.

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