Season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and it features multiple new ways to play, including a new Multiplayer map, Ground War battlefield, and Gunfight map alongside more modes for both Multiplayer and Warzone. With new content, fans are excited about the new season.


The battle heats up in Verdansk, and the Armistice is on the verge of collapse. To reinforce the defenses and energize the Coalition and Allegiance forces to keep pushing forward, Captain Price arrives amid the chaos to help put an end to the ongoing conflict.

The conflict continues in Verdansk as the opposition’s plans are being slowly disclosed. As the enemy turns Coalition and Allegiance forces apart, Captain Price prepares to fight alongside new and old friends.

New Maps and Modes

Unlike past games where players had to buy a new map pack to play, all Modern Warfare maps are free. Some of the new maps launched are Zhokov Scrapyard in Standard Multiplayer mode, Barakett Promenade in Ground War, and Trench in Gunfight.

Along with three new maps, three new modes are added for free for all players. In the Team Defender Mode, one player holds a flag for the team, and the rest of the teammates try to protect it.

The One in the Chamber Mode makes everybody start with a handgun and only one bullet. The bullet one-shots any players, but if one misses, that player is left with only melee attacks.

Kills will refill bullets, and players get three lives. Player loadouts are limited to a handgun and a throwing knife in the All-Or-Nothing Mode.

Three additional limited-time Warzone Modes will debut as well. In Juggernaut Royale, players will head to one of the marked locations to capture and don the Juggernaut suit and kill as many opponents as possible.

Realism in Warzone allows players to deal increased headshot damage with minimal Heads-Up Display. Warzone Rumble is battle in Verdansk in a 50 vs. 50 Team Deathmatch face-off.

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a tiered reward system that awards players with items as they play Warzone. Battle Pass for season 4 will cost $10 and includes 100 tiers such as new operators, an operator skin, 10% XP Boost, and other cosmetic items.

Even if players do not purchase the Battle Pass, every player will be able to rank up and obtain two new weapons, Fennec SMG and CR-56 Assault Rifle. Besides new weapons, free players will also earn vehicle skins, a legendary watch, gun blueprints, and 300 Call of Duty Points.

Call of Duty and Black Lives Matters

When protests erupted over the killing of George Floyd and Black Lives Matters took the spotlight, many things were canceled or delayed, and the release of the game was affected as well. It was originally scheduled to release on June 3.

However, it was delayed in respect for the Black Lives Matter protests happening across the nation. It was published on June 10.

Infinity Ward, the parent company of Call of Duty, even added a Black Lives Matter message into the game to support the protesters and their message of equality.