Call Of Duty League 2021: A new game and a new season is upon us for 2021. The Call of Duty League, featuring Black Ops Cold War, is set to start the weekend of February 13th. 12 teams will compete this season, with a different format than 2020.

There were a lot of critics after 2020, which had to be played mostly online, who were not happy with the setup, as there were several weekends where teams did not play. In 2021, every weekend, all 12 teams will have five matches leading up to the major.

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This season, the teams are split up into two different groups, an A and a B, that the players did a live stream and selected the teams for each division.

Call Of Duty League 2021: Setup for 2021

This year, the league will feature three weekends of group play matches and will materialize into a weekend major tournament. Once the major tournament is over, that will culminate that stage. There will be five separate stages and 5 major tournaments.

Once all of the stages are completed, the teams will compete for the World Championship. This is the most prestigious of trophies, as only a few players have multiple rings in the different titles.

Call Of Duty League 2021: Stage 1

Stage 1, which will begin the weekend of February 13th, will be considered the Atlanta Faze opener. What you can look for that weekend, the Faze organization will have different giveaways and things like that. Because the format is going to be online play, the teams will not all be together like normal.

Each match in Stage 1 will be for CDL Points. Winning teams of each match will look to accrue points before the Major Tournament the weekend of March 1st. The more points teams are able to gather, the better their seed will be for the weekend.

Call Of Duty League 2021: Series Breakdown

Each Call of Duty series will be a best of 5 matchup in a 4 v 4 setting. In this best of 5 the teams will play hardpoint first, then search and destroy, then control, then back to hardpoint and finally search and destroy if necessary.

Hardpoint consists of teams locating a central point on a map and having a player be in that point to gain points. The point changes every sixty seconds. Teams are looking to gather 250 points to secure a map victory. This is considered a respawn mode because after a player is eliminated, he immediately respawns and is back into the action for his team.

Search and Destroy is a much more strategic mode. Each team will take turns trying to place a bomb down on one of two different points on the map. Teams get one and a half minutes to place the bomb before being eliminated. Once the bomb is placed, the defensive team has 45 seconds to try and defuse the bomb. This mode is a non respawn, once you are eliminated you have to wait until the next round to spawn in. To win this map, teams must win six rounds.

Control is another respawn, where similar to hardpoint, teams are responsible for holding a point down. The difference in this mode, there are two different points that teams are trying to get control of in a short amount of time. When the round begins, players have two minutes to get one of the points capped and then a minute is added to the timer for the team to get the next point.

Control is not only played by capping the points but there is also a certain number of respawns the teams are forced to play with. After a team has hit 25 respawns, the opposing team would win the round. To win this map, teams would need to win 3 rounds.

Call Of Duty League 2021: Early Predictions

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War came out in November of 2020 and after a bit of rostermania, teams have been practicing against each other for a few months. Dallas Empire, who won the World Championship in the inaugural Call of Duty League, is the early favorite. Because the game went from 5 v 5 to 4 v 4, the only roster changes they had to make was dropping a player.

Atlanta Faze and Chicago Optic Gaming are not far behind and both teams have very accomplished players filling their rosters.

There are several other teams that could make a push this season and the competition should be extremely fun to watch. Make sure to check in next week as I do a complete roster breakdown of each team in their specific groups.


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