Call of Duty League: The final week of matches before the Stage 2 major is upon us. After a crazy week 2, certain teams need to have a big week to keep their spots in the standings.

Atlanta Faze has secured first place no matter what. Dallas Empire is currently only ten pro points ahead of New York Subliners for second place. This could be influential, as second place will be given a bye in the first round of the winner’s bracket.

The Mutineers and the Guerrillas are knocking on the door of the Minnesota Rokkr trying to get to the sixth place and find themselves in the Winner’s bracket. For the Losers side, the seven and eight position each receive byes, which is also up for grabs.

Los Angeles Guerrillas

After an 0-2 performance in week 2, the Guerrillas will be fighting to get back into the winner’s bracket. They are currently 10 points behind Minnesota Rokkr, who only have one match this week, and would need to win both matches to bump ahead.

The problem with this will be that the Guerrillas will have to take down the best in the league, Atlanta Faze. If they were to find a way to win this match, they will have to take on the struggling Los Angeles Thieves.

Dallas Empire

With only a ten point hold on the second place in the division, the Dallas Empire will more than likely need to win both of their matches this weekend to keep that spot. The reigning Call of Duty League Champions have been hit or miss this season, losing the occasional match that this roster should not. The first match of the week will see the Empire take on an improving Mutineers team.

If the Empire takes them down, they will then take on Chicago Optic. If you read the week 2 recap, you know what kind of shape Optic is in coming into this weekend’s matches. This will be the last match of the weekend and one that anyone who watches Call of Duty will be looking to see the outcome.

Toronto Ultra

With there being no chance of the Ultra making it to the winner’s bracket, the weekend will be spent trying to find a way to get into either the seven or the eight seed. They will have two matches that they need to win both to try and make up the ten point deficit they are currently trying to makeup.

Ultra will take on the London Royal Ravens and the New York Subliners. The London Royal Ravens, last place in the division, should be quick work for Ultra. They will conclude their matches this weekend with the up and coming New York Subliners.


While there are lots of ways this week’s matches could go, it will be fun to see how things shape up. While the Los Angeles Thieves are seemingly in a decent situation to make it out of the weekend still in the winner’s bracket, it is very evident that they are not playing very good Call of Duty.

After the roster change, hopefully the guys can get it together and win a couple matches this weekend.

Look for Optic to come back with a vengeance this weekend and win both of their matches. That will set them up nicely going into the Stage 2 major.

With New York only having a single match it would be safe to assume the Empire will win at least one of their matches and keep the second place position secured.

Check back in early next week as we will go over all of the action from this weekend of matches.