Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 2 Preview: Entering the second week of matches, there are some storylines developing after the major and the first week of matches. Let’s look at what we have coming up this week and discuss how this could look going into the third major in just a couple weeks.

100 Thieves vs. Faze

Right off the bat this week we get one of the most anticipated matchups of the day. The Thieves are on fire and Faze took a loss to the Subliners last week. When you look at the matches played, the Subliners are clearly better than the two teams that the Thieves played in week 1 however, they did get two wins so there is definitely a confidence factor that comes with that.

Faze has been regarded as one of the top teams since the beginning of the league. Their roster is solid and they have proven that time and time again. With the meta changes going on with guns and the new maps being put into place, it seems like the rest of the league is slowly catching up to their skill level and finding ways to counter the plays that Faze is making.

Toronto Ultra

Coming off a big major win and a 2-0 start in their matches for stage 3, the Ultra are looking to stay dominant with two matches again this week. They will first take on the Los Angeles Guerrillas who got a win in week one. These two played each other back in stage 2 matches where Ultra was able to take them down 3-2.

Ultra will then take on the Minnesota Rokkr who have been one of the more inconsistent teams this year. Rokkr seem to win big games, then lose games that they are supposed to win easily. These two teams last played each other to make the top 3 in the last major. Ultra was able to win that 3-1. This will be an intriguing series as it seems Rokkr always steps up in their big week play matches.

Empire and Subliners

Empire, who is 1-1 in their matches this week will take on the Los Angeles Guerrillas. This match will be extremely interesting depending on the result of the Ultra vs. Guerrillas match. If the Guerrillas find a way to win that game, they would have a lot of momentum heading into this match, where the Empire have shown that they can be beat.

Subliners will take on the London Royal Ravens and the Seattle Surge this week. After a tough loss to the Thieves in week 1, expect the Subliners to come out and try to end these matches as quickly as possible. They are clearly the favorite in both of their matches and should be set up to be 3-0 heading into the final week of matches.

LA Thieves vs. Optic Gaming

This seems to be the test week for the Thieves. Having to play both Faze and Optic in the same week will not be fun. If the Thieves can find a way to beat Faze, expect this match to get tons of excitement built up behind it.

Optic needs to win this match. This is their only match of the week, after a 2-0 start in week 1, putting themselves at 3-0 is essential to making the winner’s bracket in the third major. It seems like Optic just can not win the big one so far this year, however, with the meta changes, they are looking like a top team again. I see this going a quick 3-1 to Optic.


I think this week we see a lot of the favorites come out on top. I would expect Faze to get back to their winning ways and have a 2-0 week. I think the Empire and Optic also win their matches. I am excited to see what ultra do and see if they are the real deal.

Check back next week and we will discuss the outcomes from the matches this week and go over what the final week of matches will look like before the major.

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