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Call of Duty League 2021 Standings and Updates

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Call of Duty League Standings and Updates – The 2021 COD League season is the second season of the popular Call of Duty professional league.

The 2021 Call of Duty League season is the second season for participants around the world competing in the league. The game is an esports-based video game that features a first-person shooting perspective that was published by Activision in 2003.

Throughout the years, Call of Duty has done nothing but learn to grow and adapt to its consumers’ interests. With settings ranging from Miami to outer space, Call of Duty truly wants their audience to experience something different each time a new update is released. This year the season features a battle that takes place during the Cold War.

Introducing the Teams

Atlanta FaZe
Dallas Empire
Florida Mutineers
London Royal Ravens
Los Angeles Guerrillas
Los Angeles Thieves
Minnesota Rokkr
New York Subliners
Optic Chicago
Paris Legion
Seattle Surge
Toronto Ultra

League Standings

There is a wide range of level of competition in the Call of Duty League this season. The dominant Atlanta Faze nearly went perfect, while the London Royal Ravens could barely win a match.

To be clear, there are much more games than there are matches in the league’s format. Call of Duty League points (CDL points) can be obtained by a group stage win, which results in the addition of ten points to their respective team.

  1. Atlanta FaZe – 165 points – 12 matches won, 1 loss – 40 games won, 12 losses
  2. Dallas Empire – 130 points – 9 matches won, 5 losses – 35 games won, 26 losses
  3. New York Subliners – 120 points – 10 matches won, 5 losses – 33 games won, 24 losses
  4. OpTic Chicago – 110 points – 9 matches won, 5 losses – 31 games won, 22 losses
  5. Los Angeles Thieves – 80 points – 6 matches won, 7 losses – 22 games won, 27 losses
  6. Minnesota Rokkr – 70 points – 6 matches won, 5 losses – 21 games won, 21 losses
  7. Los Angeles Guerrillas – 70 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 21 games won, 30 losses
  8. Florida Mutineers – 50 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 22 games won, 27 losses
  9. Toronto Ultra – 50 points – 5 matches won, 8 losses – 24 games won, 31 losses
  10. Paris Legion – 50 points – 4 matches won, 7 losses – 19 games won, 24 losses
  11. Seattle Urge – 30 points – 3 matches won, 8 losses – 17 games won, 27 losses
  12. London Royal Ravens – 2 matches won, 9 losses – 14 games won, 27 losses


Gameplay is being streamed on, and you can follow your favorite teams there. April 8 is a relatively big day for the league as a lot of outcomes are to be determined on this day.

The Subliners are going up against the Empire roughly 90 minutes prior to OpTic Chicago squaring off against Toronto Ultra, and both should be solid matches.

The hard truth is that no one quite holds to the standard of the Atlanta FaZe squad. With 12 matches won and only one loss, they enter the playoffs as the team to beat, and the one everyone is going to want to knock off.

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