That’s it, folks, Super Week has officially come to an end. Seven days and 20 matches, we saw some 3-0 easy walk-throughs, a few 3-2 extremely close matches, and some biog time upsets.

Let’s discuss the Call of Duty League weekend recap and some of the teams’ super or not so super week they had.

Weekend recap for London Royal Ravens

The Royal Ravens had four matches over the full week and we unable to win a single match. Not only were they not able to win a match, but they were also only close in one of the four.

London opened up Wednesday’s schedule with a match between Dallas Empire, who most thought would 3-0 them with ease. However, London put up an impressive fight and only lost the series 2-3. London actually won both hardpoint maps which is said to be one of Empire’s best modes.

Call of Duty League Weekend Recap
The rest of the matches however were a little more disheartening. Losing 3-0 to both the Subliners and the Rokkr. They also lost 3-1 to the LA Thieves. A disappointing week for a team that most thought would be at least a competitive team.

Weekend recap for Toronto Ultra

After a 3-1 crushing of Florida Mutineers on opening weekend, Toronto Ultra was turning heads coming into Super Week. They too fell victim to the super week competition and went 0-4.

Two tough losses early in the week, to both Optic and Faze, both 3-1 map count, but that was to be expected as those two teams are the top tier of their group. Losing 3-2 to both the Los Angeles Guerrillas and Paris Legion, was not what the Ultra had planned.

These two crucial losses saw the Ultra falling all the way down to ninth place. This means that Toronto will start this upcoming weekend’s major tournament in the single-elimination losers bracket.

Weekend recap for Atlanta Faze and Optic Chicago

These two teams coasted through super week pretty seamlessly. Both teams went undefeated and neither of them had to play a game five in their series.

Call of Duty League Weekend Recap
With both teams winning all of their matches, Atlanta Faze solidified first and a bye in their group in the winner’s bracket, and Optic Chicago secured second in the winner’s bracket. Going into the major weekend, these teams would not play each other until winner semifinals.

Weekend recap for New York Subliners

The guys are finally starting to click and they are looking like they have the potential to become a scary team. Going  3-1 during super week, Subliners looked like they finally found their roles.

In the 3 matches they won, they only lost a single map going 9-1 in map count. They did fall victim to the Dallas Empire, however, the series was 3-2 and the Subliners had a chance to win the Control map.

Going forward, the Subliners will have to battle their way out of the loser’s bracket for the major, but if they do somehow find a way, they are quickly becoming a team not many are going to want to face.

Best Match of the Week

The best match just so happened to be the last match between Los Angeles Thieve and the Dallas Empire. There was a lot riding on this as the Thieves came into this matchup undefeated and the Empire had only lost a single match.

For seeding purposes going into the major, whoever won this match would be the one seed and get a first-round bye. And that was just what Empire did, sweeping the LA Thieves 3-0 in dominant fashion.

Although the search and destroy came down to a round 11 win for Empire, this series just did not feel close and the Empire solidified themselves as the one seed.

Make sure to check in on Wednesday as I preview the upcoming major and give out some predictions of how I think the weekend will go.

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