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Call of Duty Rostermania

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Now that the Call of Duty League World Champions has been crowned, teams will start to strategize for the next game.

Call of Duty Rostermania: Now that the Call of Duty League World Champions has been crowned, teams will start to strategize for the next game. In the past, this has always been a hectic couple of weeks as teams would cut ties with guys or work on making trades.

Since the Call of Duty League has switched franchising, there are a few more logistical things that have to happen as far as contracts, but nonetheless, there were some things happening.

Seattle Surge

The first team to cut ties with members of their roster was the Seattle Surge. After a disappointing season and not qualifying to play at Champs, the writing was on the wall for this group. Seattle did not just cut ties with a few players, they went ahead and cut their whole roster and coaching staff.

This roster included Octane, Prestinni, Loony, and Gunless. Octane will have not problems making a roster in the next game as he is widely regarded as one of the best AR players in the game. Loony announced his retirement from playing and is looking to fill a role as coach or analyst. Gunless and Prestinni will be the question marks of this roster, as both guys are solid players, but have struggled mightily this past year.

Paris Legion

The following day we had our second team make the tough decision when Paris Legion ended the contracts of all of their roster. This was another team that just could not get anything going all season. The team did not finish a single stage with a positive record, with three of the five weeks saw the team go 1-4.

This roster was made up of Skrapz, Temp, Aqua, and Zaptius. Skrapz is a fiery competitor which other teams in the league could really benefit from, however, he could struggle to get along with teammates. Zaptius is a young talent who just broke onto the competitive scene this year, so it would not be a surprise if he was picked up rather quickly to start developing relationships with teammates.

Dallas Empire

Of all the news that has broken amongst the Call of Duty professionals the news out of Dallas may have been the most shocking. Ian Porter, also known as C6, tweeted out yesterday that he would be a f/a for the next game. Immediately skepticism filled Twitter as Porter has been known to try and get a rise out of people.

It was not until Dallas Empire’s team Twitter sent out a farewell message to one of the winningest players in Call of Duty history. They also notified fans that they would also be releasing Vivid from their roster. If you followed along during the season, Vivid took a spot on the team halfway through the season, and immediately was a force. I am sure he and Porter will be able to find a roster spot in no time.

Optic Chicago

Just this morning Dyan Envoy tweeted out that he would be a free agent for 2022. While Porter may have been a shocking drop for Empire, this one really makes little to no sense. Envoy may have been Optic’s best player all year, and with just a couple of years in competitive play under his belt, it seemed like the best was still to come.


While rostermania is not even in full swing just yet, we already have some huge news coming out. While I can not be certain if these are contract issues coming to arise, with the names being announced it’s beginning to seem that way. Players like Envoy may be looking to make more money after the season he had.

Make sure to check out for all your esports news. Check back in next week as we take a look at any other players being dropped or signed.

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