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Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 3 Recap

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Stage 3 league play matches have come to an end and the bracket is set for the upcoming major.

Call of Duty League Stage 3 Week 3 Recap: Stage 3 league play matches have come to an end. The bracket is set for this upcoming weekend’s major tournament. Let’s discuss how this week’s matches went.

Toronto Ultra

They have done it. They have obtained the coveted one seed heading into the third major this weekend. With the 3-0 of Paris Legion in their single match this week, they become the one seed. For the first time this year, the Atlanta Faze will have to start out as the two seed as they were outdone.

Dallas Empire

Coming into this week with a loss, the Empire were going to have to be perfect to put a little scare into Ultra, at least. In their first match, they were up against a Florida Mutineers team that has had its struggles. Unfortunately for Empire, the Mutineers came out and played their best series of the year and were able to take down the Empire 3-0.

Dallas then had a match against Minnesota, who had beaten them twice in match play previously. Luckily for Dallas, they were able to get it back together and found a way to defeat the Rokkr by a score of 3-1. Thus sliding them into the 3 seed in group A and allowing them to start the weekend in the winner’s bracket.

New York Subliners

The Subliners had two of the biggest matches of the week, squaring off with the Los Angeles Thieves and Optic Chicago. First, they were able to take down Optic by a score of 3-1. This match was truly a lopsided victory for the Subliners as they dominated nearly the whole match, only allowing a Control map to slip through.

They then were able to dismantle the red hot Los Angeles Thieves by a score of 3-1. This match was a little bit closer as they had to close out the search and destroy in round 11 and only won the second hardpoint by 30. They again dropped the control map, but this time by a score of 2-3. The Subliners have shown they can compete, and with their big wins this week, they will be the second seed in the major and get a first-round bye in the winner’s bracket.

Atlanta Faze

Faze was able to take down both of their opponents this week, going 2-0 and giving them second in group B. This will be the first time that Faze will not have a first-round bye going into the major. While this will be different for them, Faze will still look to be dominant like they have in the past.

They put on a show in their final match of the week when they went up against Optic Chicago. While there was some discrepancy on Twitter about hosts being changed to favor Atlanta, it would not have mattered. They absolutely destroyed Optic in all three of the maps they played. A huge confidence boost getting ready for another big weekend.

Seattle Surge and Paris Legion

Bringing up the bottom of both groups are Surge and Legion. Combining this week’s matches for a record of 1-9, these two teams are just being over-matched. Expect one of these teams to make a roster move prior to the major coming up.

Wrap Up

Overall another good weekend of matches. We saw the new dominance of Toronto Ultra in full effect again. We got to see Faze, and the Subliners emerge and play good Call of Duty all weekend. Dallas was able to turn around their worst defeat of the season and come back to secure themselves a spot in the winner’s bracket.

The biggest question marks will be the Los Angeles Guerrillas and Optic Chicago. Both of these teams came out in Stage 1 and were able to at least secure the winner’s bracket to start the major. Since then, it has been a steady decline. Hopefully, one of these two teams can get it figured out and go on a loser’s bracket run this weekend.

Check back in later this week as we break down the upcoming major and give our predictions for the weekend.

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