Last weekend was one of the best moments on CDL Major V in Call of Duty League history. All of the matches were incredible and were capped off by one of the best performances of all time in the Final.

After playing all stages and major tournaments online at individual houses, the Major V marked the first time in over 18 months that we got a LAN event. The fans were absolutely electric and made the event that much better. 

Elimination Bracket

Day 1:

Seattle Surge versus Paris Legion – Surge wins 3-1

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Surge were able to take down Legion with ease despite dropping the one Search and Destroy game. Seattle jumped out a dominant 1-0 lead with a 250-86 win in Hardpoint on Raid. Legion tied it up with a 6-2 win in S&D on Raid as well. But any hope for a win for Paris was immediately shut down as Seattle took Control 3-1 on Garrison and Hardpoint 250-112 on Apocalypse to win the match and face off against London Royal Ravens. 

New York Subliners versus Los Angeles Guerrillas – Subliners win 3-2

The Subliners had revamped their entire team ahead of this tournament and they were strong in their debut, despite a valiant effort from Los Angeles. New York took the lead with a win in Hardpoint 250-178 on Garrison, but Los Angeles quickly equalized with a 6-4 win in S&D on Moscow. In a pivotal Control match on Checkmate, New York dominated with a 3-0 win and were just 1 win away from moving on. But Los Angeles wasn’t done yet and forced a game 5 with a 250-238 win in Hardpoint on Apocalypse. New York shut the door down in S&D with a 6-4 win on Express and was slated to face off against the Florida Mutineers.

Day 2:

Seattle Surge versus London Royal Ravens – Surge win 3-0

Seattle has been turning heads in Stage 5 and showed just how good they are with an emphatic sweep over London. They squeaked past London in Hardpoint 250-207 on Checkmate, but after that it was smooth sailing. Seattle won S&D 6-2 on Moscow and closed it out with a 3-2 win in Control on Garrison.

New York Subliners versus Florida Mutineers – Subliners win 3-2

New York looked like they were going home early with a disappointing loss, but they managed to pull off the reverse sweep and take down Florida to advance to round 3. Florida won the first 2 matches of Hardpoint 250-207 on Checkmate and S&D 6-4 on Miami. But New York stormed back and won the last 3 matches which included, a 3-2 win in Control on Checkmate, 250-227 win in Hardpoint on Raid, and a crazy 6-5 win in S&D on Standoff.

Day 3:

New York Subliners versus Los Angeles Thieves – Thieves wins 3-1

One of the most tightly fought matches in this tournament so far, and it was one of the best. Los Angeles was able to squeak past New York in Hardpoint 250-234 on Checkmate, and 6-5 in S&D in Standoff. New York wouldn’t go out that quickly, as they took Control 3-0 on Raid. Los Angeles would be able to finally put away the pests and win the final Hardpoint 250-244 on Apocalypse.

Seattle Surge versus Atlanta FaZe – Surge wins 3-2

Seattle got off to a great start, winning 250-174 in Hardpoint on Moscow. But Atlanta quickly stormed back and was able to win S&D 6-2 on Express, and Control 3-1 on Garrison. Seattle would not back off and really locked down the match in the last 2 matches. Seattle would win 250-232 in Hardpoint on Raid and 6-4 in S&D on Standoff.

Los Angeles Thieves versus Dallas Empire – Empire wins 3-1

In their second match of the day, the Thieves were put up against the losers from the winners’ side of the bracket. LA got to a good start winning Hardpoint 250-187 on Checkmate, but it went all downhill from there. Dallas came back and completed the semi reverse sweep winning three straight games. They won 6-5 in S&D on Miami, 3-2 in Control on Garrison, and 250-234 in Hardpoint on Moscow. 

Day 4:

OpTic Chicago versus Dallas Empire – Chicago wins 3-1

Chicago got off to a good start on the final day, winning 250-86 in Hardpoint on Moscow to take the lead. But Dallas wouldn’t go out that easily and take S&D 6-5 on Raid. But Chicago shut down any possible comeback and won the next 2 matches, 3-2 in Control on Checkmate and 250-203 in Hardpoint on Raid.

Dallas Empire versus Toronto Ultra – Ultra wins 3-1

After losing to Rokkr in the Winners Final, Ultra had one more chance to get back and they took full advantage of it. They won the first match 250-245 in Hardpoint on Garrison but dropped S&D 4-6 on Moscow. Ultra then finished it and won Control 3-1 on Raid, then won Hardpoint 250-148 on Checkmate.

Winners Bracket 

Day 1:

Minnesota Rokkr versus Atlanta FaZe – Rokkr wins 3-1

Rokkr got off to a great start against one of the best teams in the league. They won 250-211 in Hardpoint on Checkmate and 6-5 in S&D on Express. But Atlanta wouldn’t go down that easily as they won 3-0 in Control on Garrison. Minnesota finished it off with a convincing 250-202 win in Hardpoint on Raid.

Los Angeles Thieves versus Toronto Ultra – Ultra wins 3-2

Thieves took a win in Hardpoint 250-167 on Raid, and got off to a good start. Toronto got back though and won S&D 6-0 on Moscow and 3-0 in Control on Garrison. Thieves were able to hang on and force a game 5 with a 250-207 win on Checkmate. But it was Ultra who advanced, winning 6-3 in S&D on Standoff. 

Day 2:

Minnesota Rokkr versus Dallas Empire – Rokkr wins 3-1

Dallas got the early lead winning Hardpoint 250-170 on Garrison, but Rokkr did what they did all Stage 5 and mounted a comeback. Rokkr then won S&D 6-4 on Miami, 3-1 in Control on Raid, and 250-196 in Hardpoint on Checkmate.

OpTic Chicago versus Toronto Ultra – Ultra wins 3-2

OpTic has been the best team all season long and showed why with a great first win in Hardpoint 250-238 on Checkmate. But Toronto equalized with a very convincing 6-2 S&D win on Miami. Chicago regained the lead squeaking past Ultra 3-2 in Control on Raid. But it was Ultra who took the match, winning 250-134 in Hardpoint on Garrison and 6-2 in S&D on Express. 

Day 3:

Minnesota Rokkr Versus Toronto Ultra – Rokkr wins 3-0

In the Winners Final, Rokkr got the best of Ultra this time with a dominant clean sweep. They won 250-225 in Hardpoint on Checkmate, 6-4 in S&D on Raid, and 3-1 in Control on Garrison. They would await the winner of the Losers Final.

 CDL Major V Grand Finals

Minnesota Rokkr Versus Toronto Ultra – Rokkr wins 5-4

In a rematch of the Winners Final, we were in for a treat in the Grand Finals. Ultra looked dominant the first 4 matches and looked like they were going to take home the grand prize. But it was not meant to be, Rokkr pulled off the GREATEST comeback in CoD history with a reverse sweep in a best of 9 series. Winning 5 straight games takes an effort from all 4 guys and that’s exactly what they got. Standy was incredible towards the end to secure the $500,000 for Rokkr.

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