The Cloud9 PUBG Mobile team is no more.

Cloud9, a prominent eSports organization, has decided to leave the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Mobile eSports scene by disbanding their roster. The announcement surfaced this Thursday on Cloud9’s official Twitter page, where they unveiled all four of their players are now free agents.

Cloud9 PUBG – Rise to Fame in 2019

Cloud9 made its first appearance in the PUBG Mobile eSports scene on November 20, 2019, when they signed the ex-Team Gates Mobile squad. The inaugural Cloud9 PUBG Mobile team was comprised of Cotto, Samuel “SammmL” Lim, Guillermo “Rolex” Jimenez, and Karim “Karnage” Edward, who represented C9 at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, but managed a rather disappointing 14th-place finish.

Shortly after their subpar performance at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge, C9 decided to part ways with Cotto and SammmL. More roster changes followed in March-June when Karnageleft and Rolex both left for Spacestation Gaming.

In a bid to rebuild their roster, C9 decided to sign four ex-Baboon players in Tybalt “UnEeVeN” Mallet, Jack “Beowulf” Schultz, Benjamin “Pyrrha” LeafMeeker, and Terron “Perkisas” Nguyen, who put on Cloud9’s jersey in August 2019.

Cloud9’s second PUBGM squad went on to finish fourth at the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: North America Group Stage. They also finished 11th at PUBG Mobile Invitational and fifth at the PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: North America Semi-Finals, which earned them the ticket for the main event. There, Cloud9 put together a phenomenal performance and won their first PUBG Mobile tournament ahead of Tempo Storm and Omen Elite.

Even though Cloud9 PUBG Mobile struggled to add another silverware to their cabinet for the remainder of 2019, they still impressed with their performances. After finishing ESL Mobile Open: Atlanta and PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals in sixth and 10th place, respectively, Cloud9 went on to lock in a fourth-place finish at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge World Cup 2019 and ended the year with another fourth-place finish at the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019.

Cloud9 PUBG Player Departures and Downfall in 2020

Early into 2020, C9 signed Brandon Cole “Sixless” Patterson, who left after only two months, which ushered in more roster changes in April-July. After re-signing Perkisas, who has spent three months at Wildcard Gaming (January-April), Cloud9 PUBG Mobile acquired Sergey “ADERR” Pomerantsev, who helped his new team claim a silver medal from ESL Mobile Open: Season 5 and two fourth-place finishes at the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Americas and PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: West.

After the conclusion of PUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: West, things turned sour for Cloud9, who failed to reach their old heights. They have ended September 2020 with a disastrous sixth-25th place finish PMPL – Fall Split 2020: Americas Scrims, and later finished the PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Americas in 13th and PUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Americas Finals in fifth place.

Cloud9’s poor placement in the PMPL – Fall Split 2020: Americas Scrims, effectively put Cloud9 out of all official tournaments for the rest of 2020, since only top-four teams from the tournament received a ticket for the Global Championship (PMGC) Season 0.

The lack of success saw the departure of ADERR and Pyrrha, which meant C9 would not only miss out on the biggest eSports competition of the year but are also left with huge holes in their squad. Cloud9 PUBG Mobile has found those spots very hard to fill, namely due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions. The pandemic, unsurprisingly, led the North American eSports organization to pull the plug on their PUBGM eSports team and instead focus on other, more successful projects, namely their League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and VALORANT teams.

Cloud9 PUBG Players’ Futures Unknown

With the disbandment of the Cloud9 PUBGM team, UnEeVeN, Beowulf, Pyrrha, and Perkisas are now all without a team and left to find a new home. Neither of the four has yet to unveil where they might continue their careers.

The current climate in the PUBG Mobile eSports scene, however, does not look too promising, considering more than a dozen eSports teams decided to part ways with their roster in October. PUBGM is viewed as an eSports game with a very questionable future. Some of the biggest names that cut ties with either a few players or their entire squad in October include Unicorns of Love, DAMWON Gaming, and Team Secret, as well as some lesser teams in Raise Your Edge, Atlas Gaming, and Free Style.