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Call of Duty: Cold War – COD League Group Alpha Breakdown

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COD League Group Alpha: For the 2021 Call of Duty League, teams were split up into two divisions during a live stream, picked by captains or organization…

COD League Group Alpha: For the 2021 Call of Duty League, teams were split up into two divisions during a live stream, picked by captains or organization owners. The divisions are labeled Alpha and Bravo. I will be going over the Alpha group, the players representing each team, and a brief description about the teams.

Dallas Empire

C6 “Crimsix”, Shotzzy, Huke, and Illey

The reigning 2020 Call of Duty champion roster is similar to the roster they competed with last season. During last season’s competition, teams were playing 5v5 and for Black Ops Cold War, it will be a 4v4 setting. After their championship, the team got together and removed a single player off their roster and kept the other four.

This team is built off three younger players who were champions across other games such as Halo. They also have C6 who is the winningest player of all time across Call of Duty titles. It is no question, this team is the favorite coming into 2021. Their communication and skill set is going to be a tough challenge for all competition. 

Los Angeles Thieves

Kenny, TjHaly, Slasher, and Temp

The LA Thieves are under the new up and coming gaming organization 100 thieves. CEO Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag purchased the spot in the 2021 Call of Duty League in hopes to continue his legacy in the Call of Duty scene.

This roster contains three players from the previous roster, formerly Los Angeles Optic, with Kenny, TjHaly and Slasher. Temp is the newest addition to the team and is coming off a growing season in the last title. In their first competitive season, the LA Thieves are hoping to represent 100 thieves and put their brand on the map for Call of Duty. 

Minnesota ROKKR

Attach, MajorManiak, Priestahh, and Accuracy

Minnesota competed in the 2020 COD League but had very underwhelming results. Coming into 2021, they have completely overhauled their roster and are starting fresh.

Attach and Accuracy competed with the New York Subliners and Priestahh and MajorManiak were with Atlanta Faze. Outside of the teammates competing last season, they have not competed together. It will be exciting to see what these four can accomplish.

London Royal Ravens

Zero, Dylan, Seany, and Alexx

The London Royal Ravens were another team who decided to completely overhaul their roster. This decision was made within a month of the 2020 CoD Champs that they would looking to acquire a new roster.

The players representing the Royal Ravens are very familiar faces if you follow the Call of Duty scene at all. Zero, for example, was a member of the New York Subliners last season, before he ended the last few tournaments with the Ravens. Seany started the season on the main roster for London, but was eventually asked to finish the season with their academy team to try and make improvements to his game.


New York Subliners

Clayster, Asim, Mack, and Hydra

The Subliners are off to a very interesting start to this season, with veteran player Zooma originally planning to be the team’s fourth, but had to make a decision to retire due to issues with his wrists. This roster also features Clayster, who was the fifth for the Dallas Empire last season.

The player to lookout for on this team is the young up and comer Mack. The 19 year old was turning heads last season playing for Atlanta Faze’s academy team. Hydra is the fill in for Zooma this season, but due to being an international player, France, he has struggled to get the visa to compete with his team in the states. 

Seattle Surge

Prestinni, Gunless, Loony and Octane

Seattle Surge’s only returning player is Octane. Last season, the Seattle Surge were never able to crack the top 5 in the five major tournaments they competed in. Octane is one of the best main assault rifle players in Call of Duty, adding pieces around him was the best decision for the Surge team.

This team is built with players who have been competing in the major tournament scene for the last few years. The Surge are hoping that their experience can lead them to more success than the roster they had last season.

COD League Group Alpha Overall


COD League Group Alpha has a pretty good mix of new players and veterans. There is lots of potential for great matchups coming up next weekend. Here is my breakdown of Group Bravo.


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