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Call of Duty: Cold War – COD League Group Bravo

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Like Group Alpha, COD League Group Bravo was also selected in the live showing during the kick-off weekend. I will be showing…

Like Group Alpha, COD League Group Bravo was also selected in the live showing during the kick-off weekend. I will be showing the rosters and a small write-up of each team.

Atlanta Faze

Simp, Abezy, Cellium, and Arcitys

This team is built for success. Regarded as one of the top teams coming into the 2021 Call of Duty League, Faze will look to get to become the 2021 Champions. Faze has three members from last year’s team and added one of the best AR players in the game.

Simp and Abezy, known in the scene as the tiny terrors, are two of the most fun to watch in the game. They play very fast and are always looking to use new movement mechanisms to change their playstyle. Arcitys, played last year under Chicago Hunstmen, was brought on to be the main AR, a role he has been playing for most of his competitive career. 

He is also a former world champion, winning in 2019 with Eunited.

Chicago Optic Gaming

Scump, Formal, Dashy and Envoy

A brand that is very well known amongst Call of Duty fans, Optic Gaming makes it return to its original owner, Hector “Hecz” Rodriguez. Prior to the 2020 league there was a massive debacle with ownership amongst Optic Gaming. Just a few short months ago, Hecz talked about buying it back and being owner of the Optic Gaming name.

Scump and Formal, “T2P” are two of the best Call of Duty players to ever play the game. Dashy, who teamed with Scump just two years ago, is a wizard with the sniper and will be important for the search and destroy matches. After competing in his first full year of playing major tournaments, Envoy has MVP caliber talent.

Florida Mutineers

Slacked, Owakening, Skyz, and Neptune

The Mutineers were a bottom tier team in 2020, and they had major roster issues all year. The team was never able to find their chemistry and eventually, two players were not asked to return after Champs. Owakening and Skyz are the two remaining members of last season’s team.

Slacked is the veteran on this squad who has been playing in the pro scene since 2011. Neptune is exactly the opposite, as this will be his first time in the professional scene.

COD League Group Bravo Shakeup Team: Paris Legion

Aqua, Classic, Fire, and Skrapz

A new look for the Paris Legion going into the 2021 Call of Duty League. One of the only two European teams, Legion has taken a different approach with their roster. Last season, Legion only had one American player on their roster, and at the start of 2021 they will have three.

Aqua, Classic, and Fire were all a part of the 2020 league, however, they were all on different teams. None of the three were on a team that was very successful. This will be Fire’s first year in the pro scene and they are high hopes for this rookie.


Toronto Ultra

Bance, Cammy, CleanX, and Methodz

This is one of the few rosters where all four of their players are playing for their second season together. Some of the players have been swapped in and out, Ultra does also have a scout team of rostered players that they will use to either try new guys out or get good practice amongst each other.

Last season, the Ultra were able to win a weekend event and found themselves hovering around 3rd-5th place for most weekends. The biggest personality on this team is Methodz. If you keep up with Call of Duty on Twitter, you are guaranteed to have run across one of his entertaining videos doing parodies. Methodz and the Ultra will hope to continue their success and hopefully find a way to win a few majors.

Los Angeles Guerrillas 

Vivid, Apathy, Assault, and Silly

One of the more disappointing teams last season was the Los Angeles Guerrillas. In all of the tournaments and things last season, the Guerrillas were never able to place higher than third. Unable to find any sort of success, the Guerrillas dropped their 2020 roster and are starting fresh for 2021.

The signing of Silly and Apathy is an interesting combo, as both players have played the flex or hybrid role on Call of Duty Championship winning teams. It will be interesting to see how these two mesh. Vivid was a part of the scout team for the Guerrillas last season, and they are hoping that with a year of competition under his belt, he will be able to help the pro team. 

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