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COD League Standings and Season Outlook

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Let’s take a look at the COD League standings so far. One of the biggest headliners for the video-game industry is the Call of Duty League…

One of the biggest headliners for the video-game industry is the Call of Duty League, and the 2021 season is finally upon us. Let’s take a look at the COD League standings so far.

Matches will continue over the course of the next year, primarily on weekends. 12 teams will be going head to head in the tournament, accumulating as many CDL points as possible to solidify their spot in the standings.

The season’s schedule consists of five stages, with each stage taking place over four weeks of competition. Each stage will have a draw to determine two different groups and the teams in each group will play in a Major at the end of each stage.

COD League Major Scoring System

Each win in the group stages in the season’s Home Series will award teams 10 points. The points in a Major are significantly higher than the home series.

  • First place: 75 CDL Points
  • Second place: 60 CDL Points
  • Third place: 50 CDL Points
  • Fourth place: 40 CDL Points
  • Fifth and sixth place: 30 CDL Points per team
  • Seventh and eighth place: 20 CDL Points per team
  • Ninth and 10th place: 10 CDL Points per team
  • 11th and 12th place: Zero CDL Points per team

COD League Standings After the 1st Major


1Atlanta Faze 125
2Dallas Empire100
3Chicago Optic80
4New York Subliners80
5Los Angeles Thieves70
6Los Angeles Guerrillas 50
7Minnesota ROKKR40
8Florida Mutineers30
9Toronto Ultra30
10Paris Legion30
11Seattle Surge10
12London Royal Ravens 0


Atlanta FaZe on Top of COD League Standings

In first place, Atlanta FaZe had a flawless stage-one of the Call of Duty League with a dominating 5-2 victory over the Dallas Empire in the finals of the stage one Major. FaZe put on an impressive performance against Dallas in the best of nine series.

The win earned the Atlanta FaZe a $200,000 grand prize and 75 CDL points. Atlanta jumped out to an early 3-0 against Dallas. The Empire got their first win against FaZe in the series with a victory on checkmate but FaZe immediately responded with a win on Moscow Search and Destroy.

The Empire could not keep up with FaZe as they crushed their way to a 6-2 victory and Atlanta finished stage one with only one loss in Search and Destroy. Atlanta will enter stage two of the CDL 2021 season with a 25 point lead over the Empire.

The second stage is scheduled to begin on March 18 with the Toronto Home Series.

New York and Chicago bring their “A” Games to New Map

The New York Subliners stunned viewers in one-sided math against the OpTic Chicago to keep them out of the $500,000 CDL Stage One Major. The Subliners and OpTic agree to open the series with Crossroads Hardpoint which is a map neither team had played before in competition.

New York and its big-name rookie DiamonCon, who had a team-high 27 kills, won by almost 100 points. After Crossroads Hardpoint was Garrison Search and Destroy. New York won 6-1 on and the rookie finished with a 9-1 record.

The next Map was Checkmate control and OpTic entered this game mode 8-0 but still struggled against the Subliners. The loss for OpTic put them in fourth place earning them $40,000 and 40 CDL points.

Fans who want to watch the tournament can stream the whole CDL 2021 season on YouTube.

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