Esports Cryptocurrency SUSIE: Cryptocurrency gets a different reaction from different people. Some people hate it. Other people like it and everyone else is confused by it. First, let’s understand what cryptocurrency is.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency.

It isn’t a currency that you can hold and touch. Cryptocurrency is decentralized meaning there is no central authority such as banks and the government controlling the supply of money.

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How Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin works:

There are many different types of cryptocurrencies. Some are big and serious like Bitcoin and others are small and not as important. Cryptocurrency relies on a network of people.
Every person on the network has access to the database.

This database shows every transaction that has ever been made, and also shows the balance of every account. Once a transaction is made miners come in and solve a cryptographic puzzle in order to confirm the transactions. Each coin that can be mined is harder to mine than the last.

Elements of cryptocurrencies:

Transactions can take place from anywhere globally immediately. You are unable to reverse a transaction once the miner has confirmed it. No government can stop you from making or receiving a transaction.

Cryptocurrency and gaming:

There is a big connection between the gaming audience and cryptocurrency users. Game developers have been losing profits to players who are buying skins and other items outside the game on the grey market.

Game developers and crypto builders are looking to create assets you buy with in-game cryptocurrency. With crypto coins, you can pay for items and truly own them to the point where you could even sell them to somebody for crypto coins or use that item in multiple different games.

Susie Kim:

Susie Kim, an esports personality has announced that she is going to launch a cryptocurrency created on the Rally open platform for fan engagement. Kim has also joined Rally as an advisor for esports and gaming communities.

Kim plans to distribute her Susie coin to her most loyal fans. When launched the currency will be used for private discord chats and social recognition for top holders.

Kim commented on the collaboration in a release, saying: “Rally empowers creators, gamers, and personalities like myself to re-imagine community management as an opportunity to tap into an entirely new revenue model by simply interacting with our fans.

I am excited to experiment with my own token, while also spreading the word to the esports community.” is a blockchain startup led by gaming entrepreneur Kevin Chou. Rally allows creators, celebs, and organizations to create their own cryptocurrency for interacting with their audiences.

The platform currently includes almost 30 gamers, creators, celebs, and crypto influencers. As an advisor, Kim will help introduce Rally and social tokens to esports and gaming communities.
Kim brings a handful of professional and personal experiences for fan engagement.

She previously served as the general manager of the gaming team the London Spitfire and helped with the development of Cloud9’s training grounds. She is also part of the University of California Irvine’s Esports Leadership Board.

Gamers are already used to buying credits on streaming and gaming platforms making esports the prime real estate for custom currency.


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