We have updates on several esports leagues across the world. There are so many we can’t cover them all. We will follow the Overwatch League and Call of Duty.  Each one is listed below with the latest updates of the league.


What is the Overwatch League? It is a team of six against another team of six players in a shooter video game. The goal to winning is the team is to eliminate opponents by attacking, defending or competing for an object. It is from the game Overwatch.

The Overwatch League (OWL) was developed by Blizzard Entertanment and mimics the other professional leagues in the United States with regular season play and playoffs. Players are assured of a mnimum salary ($50,000) and recieve benefits. The real serious money comes from success in the playoffs. Th highest paid player has exceeded $150,000.

Game play is each player selects from a roster of thirty heroes which are designed with a set of weapons and skills. A player may switch to another available hero if they are eliminated.

Overwatch League Twitter

Betting Overwatch League

There are over a dozen sportsbook that currently offer lines for th Overwatch League contests. There are three types of bets on Overwatch esports events: Match Winner, Handicap and Outright Winner.

How is it Structured

There are twenty teams that are divided into 5 teams divisions and each division is divided into two conferences. Teams will play for 27 weeks and will play outside their division. In 2020, a new wrinkle will be added as teams will play home/away contests in other cities for the first time and not just the Blizzard Arena as in the past. In test markets in the United States, the events were sellouts to the fans wanting to watch the event.


Week 1 Schedule

Feb. 8 Paris Eternal vs. Toronto Defiant 1 p.m. New York
Feb. 8 New York Excelsior vs. London Spitfire 3 p.m. New York
Feb. 8 Vancouver Titans vs. L.A. Gladiators 4 p.m. Dallas
Feb. 8 Dallas Fuel vs. L.A. Valiant 6 p.m. Dallas
Feb. 9 Paris Eternal vs. London Spitfire 1 p.m. New York
Feb. 9 New York Excelsior vs. Boston Uprising 3 p.m. New York
Feb. 9 Vancouver Titans vs. L.A. Valiant 4 p.m. Dallas
Feb. 9 Dallas Fuel vs. S.F. Shock 6 p.m. Dallas


CALL of DUTY League

(all week 1 matches in Minneapolis)

Jan. 24  OpTic Gaming LA vs. New York Subliners
Jan. 24 Florida Mutineers vs. London Royal Ravens
Jan. 24 Los Angeles Guerrillas vs. Minnesota Rokkr
Jan. 25  Seattle Surge vs. Toronto Ultra
Jan. 25 Dallas Empire vs. Paris Legion
Jan. 25  Atlanta Faze vs. Toronto Ultra
Jan. 25  Florida Mutineers vs. Minnesota Rokkr
Jan. 26  Atlanta Faze vs. OpTic Gaming LA
Jan. 26  Toronto Ultra vs. Minnesota Rokkr
Jan. 26  Chicago Huntsmen vs. OpTic Gaming LA
Jan. 26  New York Subliners vs. Florida Mutineers



Atlantic Conference

North Division

Boston Uprising– This team is owned by Robert Kraft and the Kraft Group.

London Spitfire– This team currently fields an entirely South Korean roster.

New York Excelsior- The franchise is owned by the venture capital fund Sterling.VC, who is supported by New York Mets principal owner Sterling Equities.

Paris Eternal– The team is owned by Drew McCourt who is owner of DM Esports.

Toronto Defiant– The team is owned by OverActive Media Group, who also own Montreal Rebellion.

South Division

Atlanta Reign– The team is owned by Atlanta Esports Ventures and coached by Brad “Sephy” Rajani.

Florida Mayhem– The team colors are red, to pay homage to the original Misfits team; yellow, to represent Florida, the “Sunshine State;” and black, tying in with the Miami Heat.

Houston Outlaws– The team is owned by Immortals Gaming Club (IGC); IGC in 2019 acquired Infinite Esports.

Philadelphia Fusion– The team is owned by Comcast Spectacor.

Washington Justice– The team is owned by Washington Kastles owner Mark Ein, who founded Washington Esports Ventures.

Pacific Conference

East Division

(note: the links below in China were not available due to security issues)

Chengdu Hunters- The team is owned by Huya Inc.

Guangzhou Charge- This team is owned by the Nanking Group.

Hangzhou Spark- The team is owned by Bilibili, a Chinese video sharing website.

Seoul Dynasty- The team is owned by Kevin Chou of Generation Gaming.

Shanghai Dragons- The team is owned by Chinese internet technology company NetEase.

West Division

Dallas Fuel– The team is owned by esports organization Envy Gaming.

Los Angeles Gladiators– The team is owned by Stan Kroenke and Josh Kroenke of Kroenke Sports & Entertainment.

Los Angeles Valiant– The team is owned by Noah Whinston, CEO of esports organization Immortals Gaming Club.

San Francisco Shock– The team is owned by Andy Miller, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and NRG Esports.

Vancouver Titans– The team is owned by Canucks Sports & Entertainment, owners of the Vancouver Canucks.

Where Can I Watch?

You will be able to watch all of the action over on the OWL’s official Twitch channel. Also, you can buy tickets at any of the venues for contests at their home accomodations. They also have an online shop for there gear.

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Call of Duty League Updates

The league begins on January 24, 2020 for the new season. It has been reported that twelve teams paid $25 million each to get entered into this league. These teams include:

Atlanta FaZe

Chicago Huntsmen

Dallas Empire

Florida Mutineers

London Royal Ravens

Los Angeles Guerillas

Minnesota ROKKR

New York Subliners

OpTic Gaming Los Angeles

Paris Legion

Seattle Surge

Toronto Ultra


What Is Call of Duty?

Published by Activision, it is a first person shooter game that first began in 2003 in a World War 2 setting. Since then, it has develop several new settings and now can be found in the Cold War, or future worlds along with outer space. On October 25, 2019, the most recent title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released. As of this writing, it was the most played game in the world.

The League

Call of Duty League players will have a minimum salary of $50,000, along with other benefits. Each team will have between seven and ten players. These matches will be played on PlayStation 4 in a 5 on 5 format. The season begins in January and wull reach completion in late August or early September.


2020 Schedule








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Another esports league is the Fortnite World Cup 2020. This event will take place in late July and into August. It is estimated that there will be over 2 million fans watching the event. It will be held at center court of the Arthur Ashe Stadium and have prize money of over $30m with it being split between single winners and duo events.

Here is the official twitter account of Fortnite.




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