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1,000 new communities a day are formed on the app

300+ games are adopting as the platform for amateur gamers

11 million gamers use the app across 17 countries
Tournaments are hosted and played every 60 seconds on the app.

A new competitor has entered the chat for Esports streaming. is a mobile esports application similar to Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Esports is being embraced by social media moguls across the industry. The difference that brings is its focus on mobile games specifically.

While rivals have tried to integrate esports streaming into their platforms, is embracing the already established platforms and putting them in one place. has built a tournament platform on top of Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. Users can set up and regulate mobile game tournaments directly through the app. and its journey supporting Esports was founded just six months ago during the surge of Esports following lockdowns due to COVID-19. is rapidly growing to become the world’s #1 mobile Esports platform. In its short time, it has generated over 11 million users and now hosts mobile game tournaments every 60 seconds. hosts tournaments across hundreds of communities and features 300+ gaming titles to play.

The rise of Esports has led to a lot of research and development into the field. One such study found that in 2020, Esports has reached an audience base of 500 million people. Esports is destined to reach nearly 700 million viewers and participants by 2023.

Aside from being able to compete in community tournaments for featured games, users can utilize the app to interact and socialize with other users. The app has quickly become the featured place for Esports enthusiast to find other gamers, watch professional streamers, read industry news, and win prizes from either tournaments or prize pools presents a unique opportunity for a niche section of esports. CEO of Rosen Sharma expands on this “this is an extremely exciting time for the esports industry. The number of new people playing games has vastly increased, and so has the time that they are spending playing games each day. A lot of players are amateur with no guidance on sharpening their skills in esports. Through our platform we can support them by creating a path to pro mobile esports while fostering grassroots communities”

Mobile Esports is a fast-evolving industry, where the focus has shifted from a few big tournaments to organizing thousands a day for all levels of competition. This is where has cornered the market. They offer a platform that can organize tournaments through AI technology. is unique in many ways, one that probably runs under the radar of casual fans of Esports is the way utilizes AI technology to set up and regulate tournaments. is powered by AI-based Esport assistant “Tourney”. This technology can effortlessly run automated tournaments from start to finish. The Esports assistant helps communities, streams, and content creators create communities’ tournaments instead of relying on one person to set the tournaments up. Large game developers are now starting to utilize the Tourney technology to help create vibrant communities around their games. was founded in the belief that community-based esports is fundamental to a healthy Esports ecosystem. The current Esports ecosystem only focuses on professional games while amateur and rising players are left to gain popularity organically by themselves.

In order to continue bringing people to the app has created inceptive programs for hosts to create more tournaments and make content. Tourney-the AI system utilized by is live in North America and a number of countries in Asia. Growth is likely to continue and skyrocket after the implication of 5G from mobile providers.

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