Comedian, UFC commentator, and podcast host Joe Rogan stated during his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, that video games are dangerous and a problem to people. He recently received a lot of criticism for his comments on gaming.

A Waste of Time

In a recent podcast with Joe De Sena, Joe Rogan mentioned how video games are a problem because they are so much fun and cause addiction. He said playing video games does not get you anywhere in life and is a waste of time.

“Video games are a real problem,” he said. “They’re a real problem. You know why? Because there are [really] fun… I have a problem with them. You do them, and they are real exciting, but you don’t get anywhere.”

The topic of video games and Rogan’s claim came as part of a discussion on the importance of having strong, successful role models for children and young people. Rogan started talking about how it is hard for younger family members to thrive and avoid being radical if the household mentors are lethargic and low-achieving people.

To fill the void, many rely on and lead to substance abuse like drugs or alcohol and cause addiction. Rogan mentioned how many can become obsessed with video games and spend countless hours in front of the screen.

He then used an example of a person practicing jiu-jitsu instead of playing video games and practicing this sport to improve one’s physique. This can instead enhance one’s health and teach a valuable and profitable lesson. In contrast, video games cause people to be apathetic and waste time.

During his episode with Hannibal Buress, he confessed that he was once addicted to playing video games and had to stop because it affected his health. He said that he played a game called Quake Champions for hours every day to a point where his hands got sweaty, the addiction caused him stress and impacted his sleeping schedule. He ultimately decided to step away from the hobby.


Many people, however, were infuriated and criticized Rogan for his remarks. Youtuber PewDiePie, one of the biggest content creators on the platform, weighed in on the video game argument.

He said that video games can harm people if they become addicted and overindulge n the games. However, he pointed out that there is a clear balance for people who pursue gaming as a career and those who enjoy gaming as a hobby.

One user reacted on Twitter, “Joe Rogan is fundamentally right on video games; they essentially trick your brains’ reward center into rewarding you for something which is not productive at all – that being said, it doesn’t matter. Gaming is no problem. Humans have always had ways to accomplish this.”


Video games are a form of art.

Just like how Rogan mentioned people who learn jiu-jitsu can become an elite athlete and compete in competitions and become healthy, people can become professional esports players and make a living off from streaming and influencing other gamers.

It is similar to reading novels that are enlightening and intellectually stimulating. Video Games stimulate us as it requires a lot of thinking like strategies and agility to play and improve in the area. They also emit artistic qualities and entertainment for gamers.