LEC Championship Recap: The LEC Championship was entertaining, to say the least. Before the event, Rogue pulled off an unbelievable upset to be in the finals. They defeated G2 Esports in the 2021 LEC Spring Split playoffs to guarantee a finals matchup against the MAD Lions.

Rogue was simply just better throughout the match and put an all-around top-notch performance in terms of cross-map play, side lane control, and team fighting. On the other hand, G2 looked out of synch and couldn’t make the right decisions.

It has been six long years since the European League of Legends region has seen another team make it this far in any tournament other than Fanatic or G2. Alliance was the last different team to pull this off since 2014.

The winner of the tournament has the opportunity to represent and host the event at home for the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational. This was a finale for both squads to remember as there will be tough competition moving forward in any event.


The event took place in Germany as Rogue and MAD Lions were set to battle it out for the championship. Rogue started off strong as they took the first blood, but MAD Lions found a way to come back. It was a back and forth game for the first game as the gold was pretty much even. Still, Rogue pushed and claimed the victory, a Nexus kill.

MAD Lions were looking to bounce back in a strong way, but Rogue gained an early advantage and lost a fight in the bot lane 2v2. Rogue also had a huge gold lead as time progressed and looked to take down the mid lane tier one.

MAD Lions flipped the script by taking out four members in a fight; however Rogue pushed through the mid tier lane in another fight to take a 2-0 advantage. It looked like Rogue was going to win the championship easily.


MAD Lions had to pick up the pace as the team was down 0-2. Hans Sama used his Flash to secure the first blood but lost his life in the process, and the lane pressure by Rogue was helping them get closer to lifting the trophy.

However, when Rogue looked for the third drake, they spotted Armut who was hiding behind them, and the MAD Lions were able to win an important fight as Baron spawned on the map. The MAD Lions were able to secure their first win late.

MAD Lions gained confidence going to game four as they got the First Blood of the match. Through the first eleven minutes, Rogue trailed by a little meaning that it was anybody’s game.

However, MAD Lions kept the pressure on Rogue as they took down the Nexus in short order. The series was nodded up at two apiece going into game five.

Game five was an exciting one with everything on the line for both teams. Rogue secured an early kill as they had a 2K gold lead early. Rogue kept the pressure as MAD Lions looked lost in the rift.

The first big team of the match fight started in the mid lane as Rogue won the first battle. There were a couple of fights throughout the final game, but the last fight took place in the Jungle.

Despite Rogue’s strong start, the MAD Lions killed four members of Rogue to secure the victory. The MAD pulled off a reverse split and punched their ticket to MSI 2021 next month.

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