As if the LEC couldn’t get any more exciting, week six of the summer split really shook up the standings. With just two weeks left before playoffs, Europe’s best teams are dialing in to try and improve their records and keep their seasons alive.

As it stands now, nine of the league’s ten teams are still eligible for playoffs. Unfortunately, Team BDS, with a record of 1-12, can no longer mathematically qualify for the postseason. Of course, this is great news for the remaining nine teams, as only the top six teams can make it. However, with fourth through eighth place being separated by a single win, it is unclear who we will see Sweden for the Summer Playoffs.

Playoffs aside, here is a look at the LEC Standings in the aftermath of this week’s matches:

1. MAD Lions (10-3)
2. Rogue (8-5)
2. Team Vitality (8-5)
4. Excel (7-6)
4. G2 Esports (7-6)
4. Misfits (7-6)
7. Astralis (6-7)
7. Fnatic (6-7)
9. SK Gaming (5-8)
10. Team BDS (1-12)

MAD Lions: The Kings of Europe

With the addition of Nisqy after the Spring Split, MAD Lions have an entirely different look. Improving tremendously from their 8-10 Spring finish, the Lions look unstoppable. As the only team who maintains any shred of consistency against the other nine teams, the former 2021 Spring/Summer champions are practically a shoe-in for playoffs. Although the infamous G2 Playoff Powerspike is definitely a factor to consider, we could potentially be looking at the 2022 Summer Champions.

Rogue: Usurped and Broken

Rogue had their time in the spotlight, but it appears that their consistency is still a big question this split. Despite holding an eight game win streak just last week, it appears their momentum has been halted. While you can still count on them to make playoffs, it likely will not be pretty. Although they still have yet to face MAD Lions for the second time, they are still the favorites for their other remaining matchups.

Team Vitality: Superteam At Last

Despite a disappointing Spring Split and a rocky start to Summer, it appears one of this year’s most promising European superteams is finally amounting to some successes. After dismantling not only one of the toughest contenders this split in Excel, but also the reigning Spring Champions in G2 Esports, Team Vitality looks really good right now.

If they are able to maintain the form they showed this week, there is a LEC playoff spot with their name on it. With only Fnatic and Rogue left to worry about as their schedule nears its end, everything spells out a playoff appearance for Perkz and friends.

Excel: Ahead of Expectations, But Falling Into Line

With an incredibly impressive and unexpected start to the Summer Split, Excel left many viewers with the impression that they would lead the league. However, their losses to SK Gaming and Astralis in week four really sent that narrative tumbling. While they currently hold a three way tie for fourth place, their remaining schedule requires them to win against both of these teams if they want to see the playoffs. While this should be very easy for the roster they have now, glimpses of the Excel we are used to are starting to show.

G2 Esports: Burnt Out, But Still Flickering

There are no easy ways to say it: the Spring Champions are burnt out. While it is entirely possible for them to reemerge in playoffs like they did in Spring, G2 could just as easily fail to qualify. Although they are likely the strongest team in the LEC, their attendance at MSI has made a return to the domestic scene very difficult.

With little to no downtime between their international appearance and the start of Spring Split, the champs just need time to rest and adapt. Unfortunately, that is not a luxury they have right now. Do not be surprised if they fail to make the playoffs. However, do not expect them to stay down when the 2023 Spring Split rolls around.

Misfits: Going Out Guns Blazing

This year has been crazy for Misfits. After ending the Spring Split in 3rd place, this roster appears to be unable to play to expectations in the regular split. Their playoff performance was a disappointment, but their ability to win games they have no business winning is what makes this team so unique. By no means should they make the playoffs, but defying expectations is the look of Misfits in 2022. With Team Heretics taking over their spot in the LEC next year, perhaps this roster wants to show their new owners that they can compete.

Astralis: Fighting for Sixth

Although they have tremendously overperformed this split, Astralis is doomed to miss out on playoffs. Their schedule pits them up against Misfits, Team Vitality, Fnatic, MAD Lions, and Excel. This roster has done incredible things this split, but pulling off multiple upsets against teams of this caliber is far beyond them.

Fnatic: It’s Now or Never

With what is possibly the strongest roster on paper, the Fnatic superteam has faltered significantly. Currently ranked—technically—eighth, Fnatic need to win big in the coming weeks if they want to see the playoffs. Just this week they broke a seven year record by going on their first five game loss streak since 2014. While breaking records was the expectation for this roster, this is not quite what the viewers had in mind. While they have very winnable matchups moving forward, Fnatic need to show up or we will likely see the roster explode in the offseason.

SK Gaming: Fading Out

While week four was a high point for this roster—beating both G2 and Excel—it is doubtful they will see the playoffs. With literally the most difficult schedule of any team in the LEC (Fnatic, Rogue, Team Vitality, Excel, and G2), SK Gaming are unlikely to win even a single other game this split.

Team BDS: GO Next

Although this is their very first year in the league, Team BDS are primed for a 5-31 finish this year. With Team Heretics entering the scene next year, maybe there will be an opportunity for them to finish ahead of someone, but even that is unlikely. Team Heretics will decide what to do with Misfits roster, meaning even they will have a leg up on BDS. Unless they are looking to spend big next year, BDS are likely just another perennially losing team to join the ranks of Astralis and SK in the LEC.