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LNG Esports Continue Their Unbeaten Record on Day Two of LoL Worlds Play-In

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LNG Esports have claimed their third win of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Play-Ins on Wednesday, October 6.

LNG Esports have claimed their third win of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship Play-Ins on Wednesday, October 6. The LoL Pro League (LPL) representatives won their third game for the tournament against RED Canids.

A Strong Start to The Tournament

LNG Esports entered the 2021 LoL World Championship Play-In stage billed as one of the strongest teams. And they did not need long to prove just that.

Hailing from the LPL, the expectations were high on Lee “Tarzan” Seung-yong and his crew, who got off to a strong start to their road to the LoL Worlds Main event.

On day one of the play-in stage, LNG Esports won against their main competitors, the LoL Champions Korea (LCK) representatives, Hanwha Life Esports. While the match was relatively close, LNG was no doubt the better team on the day.

Just two hours after picking up their first tournament win, LNG Esports faced off against Oceanic champions PEACE, who they beat with ease. LNG Esports won the match in just 24:37 minutes, with a massive + 13.4k gold lead and 15-5 in kills.

LNG Esports ended the first day of Play-in as one of the two teams, besides Galatasaray Esports in Group B, to record a 2-0 record. However, they didn’t stop there.

A Hard-Fought, Yet Deserved Win

The Chinese squad carried over the momentum from Tuesday into day two of the LoL Worlds Play-Ins and added their third tournament victory against RED Canids. The two teams faced off in the second match of the day, on Wednesday, October 6.

The Brazilian squad were hoping they could build on their run (1-0) on the first day when they beat infinity. However, LNG proved to be too tough of an opponent for Alexandre “TitaN” Lima and his crew.

Still, RED Canids showed a lot of fight and desire to upset LNG and led in the early game. Although it was mostly LNG making mistakes, allowing RED Canids to build their leads, the Brazilian squad deserves much respect for what they showed.

RED Canids claimed the first blood in the mid lane and added the second kill in the top lane shortly after. They continued building their lead, but things turned sour in the mid-game.

Thanks to their strong synergy and teamwork, LNG started gaining traction, and before long, they were in the lead. But unlike RED Canids, LNG took much better advantage of the situation and started dictating the pace of the match.

LNG’s precise map movement and strong team fighting were the catalysts that turned what seemed like a close game in the early game into a completely one-sided affair. Tarzan and co. displayed excellent transition from the mid-to-late game and made all the right calls to add another commanding victory to their resume.

LNG Esports needed just 29:16 to seal the deal with a 15-5 kill lead and +10.8k gold lead. With that win, LNG are 3-0, which sets them up nicely to secure a direct invite into the 2021 LoL World Championship group stage.

LNG Esports’ Chances to Win The Title

Barring any surprising results, LNG Esports should top Group A and receive a direct invite into the main event. However, it won’t be until then that their road to the Summoner’s Cup will properly begin.

If LNG make it out of the Play-ins, they will land in Group D, with MAD Lions, Gen.G, and Team Liquid. Although not exactly the group of death, Group D has enough quality to make LNG’s road to the playoffs though.

Beating Team Liquid should be achievable for LNG, largely because the LoL Championship Series (LCS) squads aren’t considered very good. However, making it past Gen.G and MAD Lions could present LNG with some problems.

Still, LNG Esports have enough talent to do well and possibly even make a deep run in the playoffs. But, can they go all the way, is a question we can start answering after we see them perform in the 2021 LoL World Championship group stage.

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