One of the biggest tournaments in League of Legends world is just beginning, and with the play-in behind us, we are left with the six teams that will compete for glory and their lion’s share of $1,000,000.

Mid-Season Invitational 2019, which is set to take place between May 10 and May 19 will feature six of the best teams in the world fighting for the title, glory and the $400,000 which will be awarded to the champion.

In addition to the already hefty prize pool, Riot decided to increase it by adding 25% of the revenue they will earn from selling Conqueror Alistar & 2019 Conqueror Ward skins. The participating teams will also be awarded 50% of the revenue Riot will make from selling their badges in-game. This decision will result in a larger prize pool; however, there will still be only one team who will walk away with the biggest piece of the pie.

The distribution of the $1,000,000 prize pool is as follows:

1st – $400,000

2nd – $250,000

3rd-4th – $100,000

5th – $50,000

6th – $50,000

The remaining prize pool money has already been distributed to teams that failed to qualify through the play-ins.

Phong Vũ Buffalo, Flash Wolves Join the World Elite

The Play-in ended on May 7, which introduced us to the last three teams that will appear in the MSI 2019. The first team that qualified through the Play-in was Team Liquid, which was quickly joined by Flash Wolves and Phong Vũ Buffalo. All three teams fought hard to qualify, and while they all proved their worth, we can’t help but ask ourselves if there is a chance for Phong Vũ Buffalo and Flash Wolves to leave a mark here.

The MSI 2019, which is one of the biggest events in the League of Legends esports world, will fittingly feature some of the best players and teams out there. While both qualified teams proved their worth in their domestic leagues, they will have to play on a whole other level at the MSI. Facing teams such as NA giants Team Liquid, the well-known SKT T1, European powerhouse G2 and, of course, the reigning world champions Invictus Gaming, Phong Vũ Buffalo and Flash Wolves will have a lot to prove.

Three Favorites, Only One Champion

SKT T1, Invictus Gaming and G2 enter the MSI 2019 as favorites, which is a fair assessment, but out of three, there will be only one who will end up victorious.

Invictus Gaming, the defending world champions, enter the tournament widely considered to be the strongest team, and there are a few factors that contribute to that. Not only will they enter the tournament with the exact same roster that won them the world championship in 2018 in dominant fashion, but the game meta is also quite similar to the one we were watching in the Worlds, which as we saw suits their star players “TheShy” and “Rookie.”

SKT T1, a dynasty of a team that is returning on the international stage, being a different look this time. The new and improved team will be led by the crowd’s favorite, the GOAT, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok in what is expected to be SKT T1’s return to glory. After a disappointing performance in last year’s LCK, SKT T1 set their eyes to dominate Korea and the world once again.

G2 Esports, the underdogs among the favorites, come into the tournament after crushing their opponents in LEC. This now puts them in the spot where they need to perform and represent the “West.” G2 boasts the strongest roster in Europe. Their roster was strong before but reached new levels once they added “Caps,” the best player in Europe.

MSI, just like any year, promises to feature some of the most entertaining matches of the season. With star-filled rosters, we can be sure there won’t be a lack of those this year neither. The MSI 2019 will start on May 10 with a clash between SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports.