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MLB the Show 3rd Inning Program

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The 3rd inning program for MLB the Show 21 has been out for a little over a week now. Just like the first two programs, the third inning program again is xp based.

The 3rd inning program for MLB the Show 21 has been out for a little over a week now. Just like the first two programs, the third inning program again is xp based. The more you play the game, the more rewards you will receive. Let’s take a look at the choice packs you will receive as well as what else is new in the game.

100,000 XP

Once a player has accumulated 100,000 xp in this program, they will be rewarded with their first third inning diamond choice pack. In this pack, the first option for the player to choose is the 86 overall 2nd half heroes Keith Hernandez. THis card has a primary position of first base, bats left handed and throws left handed. The best part of this card is the 90+ contact from both righties and lefties. With minimal power, and minimal speed, this card will more than likely only be see on theme teams.

The next player is the 86 overall all star catcher Yasmani Grandal This switch hitting card has 57 contact and 75 power against righties and 65 contact and 95 power against lefties. While those numbers are not the best, if you play this game, he definitely plays above those attributes. Another positive is his diamond defense. The biggest negative is the 13 speed.

The final option is the 86 overall 1948 rookie Richie Ashburn. This card is a primary center fielder, with a secondary option of the corner outfield spots. This card, a lot like the Hernandez card, is a contact demon with 95+ from both sides. He is also lightning fast with 88 speed and 76 steal. Biggest downsides to this card is the lack of power and the 70 fielding.

175,000 XP

At 175,000 xp, the player will receive the third inning classics choice pack. The first card is the 89 overall 2017 postseason Didi Gregorious. This card plays shortstop and does not have a secondary position. The left handed swinging Gregorious is a right handed pitching killer. With 85 contact and 89 power, he is great if the pitching is coming from the right side. From a lefty, he only has 69 contact and 50 power.

The next option is the 89 overall 2019 postseason relief pitcher Blake Snell. For baseball fans, Snell is most notably known as a starting pitcher. In 2019 however, he was sent out to make relief appearances in the postseason. The best part of this card is he is left handed. There is a definite shortage of lefty options to come out of the bullpen, so this card fills a role many players need.

The last option is the 88 overall 2019 May monthly awards Rafael Devers. This card swings from the left side, throws right handed and plays first base, with a secondary of first base. This card is a hitting machine. Against righties he has 105 contact and 83 power. Against lefties he has 92 contact and 87 power. With only 57 defense, there will be several players who have budget teams that can use this card off the bench.

350,000 XP

At 350,000 xp the choice pack will contain the 3rd inning bosses. The first option is 97 overall 30/30 club center fielder Grady Sizemore. This is another righty destroyer with 92 contact and 106 power. Against lefties he only has 62 contact but does get 83 power. This card is also an elite defender with 94 fielding, 82 arm power, and 90 reaction. He also has 86 speed and 95 stealing. If you do not have the collections done, this card will make a great addition to your outfield.

The next option is the 97 overall signature series closing pitcher Dennis Eckersley. A four pitch mix of slider, sinker. Four seam, and curveball, this card will get the job done. One of the first signature series cards that is easily obtainable, this Eckersley card is a solid choice. He also has great attributes, with 106 H/9, 113 K/9, and 107 BB/9. The biggest downside to this card, on a normal year, would be the lack of velocity. However, in this game, there are several starters that throw overly hard, so the change of speed may be beneficial.

The final option is a new legend, 97 overall silver slugger Troy Glaus. WIth primary third base, Glaus can also play shortstop. This is a very solid hitting card, with 79 contact and 107 power against righties. He also has 125 contact and 125 power against lefties. He has 97 fielding, 86 arm strength and 83 reaction. While the defensive numbers are not the best, he definitely makes up for it with great offensive statistics.

Ranked Seasons

The competitive game mode has just restarted. In the quest for the World Series, there are also two new players in the world series pack. First is 99 overall starting pitcher Vida Blue. The other option in the 98 overall silver slugger David Justice. These are the two highest rated diamonds that have hit the market. While the world series is not the easiest thing to accomplish, the rewards make it worth grinding for.


MLB has the best content team in all sports games. There is so much new content each week, that it is almost tough to try and get these things done in a respectable amount of time. Make sure to check in next week as we go over any new content delivered by San Diego Studios.

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