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MLB the Show 6th Inning Program

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There are several rewards along the way, along with three main choice packs in MLB The Show 6th Inning, with the 100k, 175k, and the 350k choice packs.

The newest program is out for MLB the Show, and the 6th inning program has dropped this afternoon. Similar to the other program paths, there are several rewards along the way, along with three main choice packs. Let’s take a look at those choice packs and discuss the overall program.

100k Choice Pack

When you reach 100,000 XP during the 6th inning program, you will receive your first choice pack with three options. The first option is 92 overall signature series closing pitcher Joakim Soria. Featuring a five-pitch mix of 4 seam fastball, slider, curveball, splitter, and changeup, this card has all kinds of different look options.

The velocity change in this card makes him extremely tough to hit. His fastball only gets to 94 miles per hour, but tunnel that with a curveball that drops to 69, you have a chance at some serious swing and misses. He also gets 105 H/9 and 99 K/9 which will be okay at the legend level.

The next option is 91 overall moments center fielder Dexter Fowler. This card was based on his famous moment where he had five steals in a single game. With that knowledge, you know this card is going to be fast, which he has 94 speed and 99 stealing attributes. He did get a letdown defensively with only 69 fielding and 82 arm strength.

His hitting numbers are not the worst, as he was a solid switch hitter in his career. He has 80 contact and 62 power against righties, with 115 contact and 74 power against lefties. Fowler could be put on a player’s bench to bring in against left-handed bullpen arms or when you need a base stolen.

The third and final option is 92 overall prime series starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez. I do not see this card being an option for many players unless you are someone who needs the prime series players for collections.

With only a four-pitch mix, this card will struggle at higher difficulties. He throws 4 seam fastball, sinker, 12-6 curveball, and changeup. Throwing from the left side, he will struggle mightily against right-handed hitters without a pitch that breaks into their hands. His fastball and sinker will sit mid 90’s which could be effective in the hall of fame and higher difficulties.

175K Choice Pack

This pack is known as the classic choice pack, as it will bring back three cards from previous MLB The Show games. The first option is 93 overall finest series center fielder Lorenzo Cain. His hitting attributes are 94 contact and 50 power against righties, with 125 contact and 84 power against lefties.

This card is a defensive menace in center field with 94 fielding and 84 speed. It will be tough to hit balls in the gap with Cain roaming center. More than likely, this card will not be seen with competitive players until there are theme-team-based tournaments.

The next option is the 92 overall 2019 postseason relief pitcher Patrick Corbin. While Corbin is widely known as a starting pitcher, in the Nationals 2019 postseason run, Corbin threw in relief of game seven of the World Series.

This card features a four-pitch mix of a slider, 2 seam fastball, 4 seam fastball, and curveball. He has 92 H/9 and 104 K/9. He also has a decent stamina attribute at 47. This card may not be the best relief pitcher in the game, but if you do not have any solid lefties in your pen, he will be a nice addition.

The final option is 92 overall finest series starting pitcher Aaron Nola. This card features a four-pitch mix of 4 seam fastball, curveball, changeup, and sinker. His final pitch, being sinker, makes this card a little more intriguing than the initial look at the card.

His attributes and velocity are very lackluster. His 4 seam fastball and sinker will top out at 93 mph, which are mediocre. He also only has 96 H/9 and 86 K/9, which means PCI size for your opponent will be massive and tough to get strikeouts.

Similar to the other program paths, there are several rewards along the way, along with three main choice packs in MLB The Show 6th Inning.

350k Choice Pack

The final choice boss pack features three players that can instantly make your team better. The first option is 99 overall MVP third baseman George Brett. Brett is one of the few players that throw right-handed but bat left-handed. He dominates right-handed pitching with 125 contact and 97 power, paired with 108 contact and 83 power against lefties.

He will be solid defensively at third base but also has first base secondary. He has 84 fielding with 80 arm strength, so he can make solid throws across the diamond. He does get a little speed boost with 69 speed. This card could be a solid option for players who do not have the collections completed for Chipper.

The second option is 99 overall signature series starting pitcher Pedro Martinez. Finally, we get this card’s 99 version. In his first year in the game, we have seen two variants of Martinez, but this is by far his best. He has a five-pitch mix with a 4 seam fastball, circle-change, slider, sinker, and curveball.

With 99 break attribute, this card’s pitches will have huge movement. He also has great control, with 90 plus on his top three pitches. The one negative to this card would be his 102 H/9 and 115 K/9. These attributes will allow players to have a large PCI size and be a lot harder to strike out.

The final option, and in my opinion the best option, is 99 overall moments center fielder Matt Kemp. This card is a hitting machine. He has 109 contact and 102 power against righties, with 119 contact and 125 power against lefties.

This card is based off of his 2011 30/30 season, where he hit 39 home runs and stole 40 bases. Stealing bases is another thing this card can do really well, with 87 speed and 92 steal attributes. The only real negative to this card is his 86 fielding, but when he gets to parallel five, he will be up to diamond fielding.


Overall this program is mediocre. There are decent cards in each choice pack, but not many are going to be in many starting lineups. Players on social media were all in agreeance that hopefully the next inning program, we will start to get some of the bigger named players.

When all is said and done, there are some guys on this team that can help guys out. If you need help in the starting pitching or relief pitching, there are a few really nice options.

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