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Two new player programs for the 7th Inning Program.

Welcome Joe Carter and Willie Stargell

The 7th Inning Program has just dropped and San Diego Studio is doing everything in its power to try and get players to the XP requirement as fast as possible. With two new player programs, this is quite the boost.

The best part about the player programs this season, they can all be done completely for free. Let’s take a look at the two new programs and talk about how we get them.

Moments Joe Carter

The first program to complete is for the 96 overall 30 for 30 moments first baseman Joe Carter. This card is in relation to his 1987 season where he hit 32 home runs and had 31 stolen bases. His hitting stats read 84 contact and 103 power against righties, with 74 contact and 92 power against lefties.

Another great quality about this card is his 81 speed. Primary first basemen lack speed, there is no hiding that. This card has a chance to be a little bit of a menace on the base paths if you are building a team around speed. He also has secondary positions as the outfield, which the 81 speed will definitely be a benefit if you decide to try him out there.

MVP Willie Stargell

The second program, when completed, will allow you to obtain 96 overall, 1979 MVP, first baseman Willie Stargell. In 1979, Stargell batted .281 and hit 32 home runs with 82 RBI’s. The hitting stats on this card read 101 contact and 115 power against righties, with 82 contact and 107 power against lefties.

This card definitely has less appeal right off the bat than the Joe Carter. He has no secondary positions and his speed is at 32. He also has bronze fielding with his rating at 66. This card has very little to no chance of making any competitive players teams, however, the Pirates do not have a ton of legends so far this season, so he will be nice for Pirates theme teams.


To obtain these cards, there is a simple strategy. Head to the moment’s portion of the menu and complete all the moments for these players. Once that is done, head into their program and complete the quick exchange of players needed. After that, the final step is to take on the Pirates and the Indians in a play vs. CPU matchup on all-star and defeat those teams.

While these cards are not game breakers and more than likely will not be seen by the competitive guys, the players who are struggling to fill their bench could easily plug these guys in. As stated with Stargell, the biggest benefit to these cards would be putting them into theme teams. They are also both valuable for the Clayton Kershaw collection.

Make sure to check back in this weekend as they have announced the return of the Run It Back choice packs. Hopefully, you are making headway on the 7th inning program and are one step closer to Hank Aaron.

Make sure to check out for all your esports news. Happy Grinding!

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