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New Battle Royale Rewards

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San Diego Studios has added two new cards to the Battle Royale Program.

The baseball season is coming to an end with the MLB Playoffs currently taking place. Even with all of the live content San Diego Studios is pumping out, they are still dropping content for the everyday player.

There are two new rewards this time through in the Battle Royale Program. The first reward is collected when you get to 90 Batte Royale points. The second is in the flawless pack that can be obtained by going 12-0 or by getting to 100 Battle Royale points.

Cole Hamels

Taking the position at the 90 point mark is the 99 overall No-Hitter Moment Cole Hamels. This card is representative of Cole Hamels’ no-hitter that he threw back in July of 2015. In the game, Hamels struck out 13 batters and walked just two.

This starting pitcher card has a five-pitch mix of four-seam, circle-change, sinker, sweeping curveball, and cutter. This pitch mix could be an absolute problem. He has pitches that go in both directions with velocity as well as slower speeds.

There are a couple of negatives to the card, however. The first is the lack of velocity, his fastball and sinker top out around 92-93 mph. The other is the 96 K/9 attribute. This will allow for online opponents to have larger PCI’s and make getting them out that much more difficult.

Nolan Arenado

The newest flawless reward is the 99 overall Signature Series Nolan Arenado. This card is a signature series for his time in Colorado, which means it encapsulates all of his statistics into one card. In his eight seasons in Colorado, Arenado averaged right around a .300 batting average and hit 30+ home runs in five of the eight seasons. Arenado also won the gold glove at third base in all eight of his seasons in Colorado.

This cards hitting stats are superior with 105 contact and 106 power against righties, with 125 contact and 120 power against lefties. He can do it all at the plate and will be a constant tough out with 100+ in contact on both sides of the plate. He also has 99 fielding and 95 arm strength, which ranks him as a top defensive option as well at third base.

One of the main negatives with this card is that he does not have any secondary positions. This far along into the season, guys who play the game pretty regularly will have the collection reward of Chipper Jones by this point, who has a primary position of third base. The other semi-negative to this card is his lack of speed, with only 46 in his speed attribute.


These cards could both be used instantly if you can obtain them. While the cost to play Battle Royale is 1,500 stubs per draft, obtaining these cards without having to go 12-0 is such a nice feature this season.

With the Division Series games wrapping up, there is more content on the horizon soon. Also, the 8th inning program is set to drop Friday afternoon as well. Make sure to come back this weekend and check out the newest cards added over the weekend.

Happy Grinding!

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