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New Warzone Map Set to Release Soon

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New Warzone Map: Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone season two earned some updates this week. The update for both games will add multiple new maps, modes, and features for Black Ops Cold War. They also added two new operators and a sniper rifle called the ZRG 20mm.

Maps and Modes

Miami Strike the new 6v6 map launches as part of Season Two Reloaded. The newer, brighter map that is replacing the original Miami map is said by some to be the worst competitive multiplayer map but it looks like a solid addition to the map lineup and will get its own 24/7 playlist this week.

Miami Strike and Satelite will be joining the rotation of maps in the Prop Hunt game mode. Treyarch has also released a new 2v2 and 3v3 map Mansion which will join the Gunfight and Face Off map rotations.

The new modes include Multi-team Hardpoint which has 10 teams of four who will fight for multiple hardpoints at the same time. The hardpoints last 120 seconds before moving to the next location.

Much anticipated weapon tuning is also part of the new launch of Season Two Reloaded. This will give the player the ability to tune his weapon in Black Ops Cold only. Treyarch had this to say:

“In Season Two Reloaded, we’ve implemented tuning to make the Krig 6, FFAR 1, and Groza more competitive in the assault rifle class, while adjusting the Milano 821, KSP 45, LC10, MAC-10, and AK-74u in the SMG class.

We’ve also made specific performance tuning to the RPG-7, 1911, Magnum, and more. “These changes include complete tuning passes on Muzzle and Underbarrel attachments that affect Recoil on assault rifles and SMGs, increasing damage for rockets against enemies with Flak Jacket in Hardcore, and removing glint from sniper rifles with Iron Sights.”

The Zombies game mode is also receiving updates. Outbreak will get a nighttime version of Sanatorium. There will be a new objective called secure and a new vehicle known as the Dirt Bike.

Since there is a new Sanatorium there will be new intel such as audio logs and radio transmissions that will help solve the Dark Aether story.

If you someone who plays zombies you will be love this new update even though it’s small. You are now able to put any blueprint you own on your weapon from the pause menu in Outbreak, Firebase Z, and Die Maschine. This also applies to weapons you pick up or purchase from a Wall Buy.


Operator Terrell Wolf will join NATO at the launch of Reloaded and Karla Rivas will join NATO mid-season. The soldier skins are available in the store as premium DLC’s and can be used in both Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.


The new weapon drop is known as the ZRG 20mm sniper. This sniper has a higher bullet velocity than any other sniper and has a quick reload time and will kill with one shot to the head, chest, or shoulders. It’s great for extremely long ranged shots.

You can unlock the ZRG by completing the in-game challenges or you can buy the Jackpot Sniper bundle from the store.

The Season Two Reloaded update will be a download size of about 7.4-14.18 GB for players who own the full version of Black Ops Cold War and 52.0-57.8 GB for players who own the free to play Warzone.

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