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Paris Legion Unveil New 2022 CDL Roster

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French Call of Duty team, Paris Legion, announced their new Call of Duty League roster for the 2022 season on Wednesday, November 10.

French Call of Duty team, Paris Legion, announced their new Call of Duty League roster for the 2022 season on Wednesday, November 10. As revealed, Donovan “Temp” Laroda is the only player from the last season who will remain with the team into 2022.

A New Roster

Paris Legion had their hands full during this offseason as the French CoD team looked to rebuild their roster for the 2022 CDL season. The decision to freshen up the squad follows Legion’s disappointing finish to the 2021 season, in which the Legion finished last.

From the 2021 CDL roster, consisting of Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall, Ulysses “AquA” Silva, Donovan “Temp” Laroda, and Alex “Zaptius” Bonilla, Temp is the only player who has kept his job at the organization. Meanwhile, his former teammates have all been cut from the team in August.

AZaptius has joined WestR, AquA teamed up with Sixth Gear, while Skrapz remains teamless. In their place, Paris Legion acquired Jacob “Decemate” Cato, Tyler “FeLo” Johnson, and Johnathan “John” Perez.

While an experienced CoD player, Decemate hasn’t had a chance to compete in CDL last season full-time, as he couldn’t find a team to sign him. He was last seen competing in CDL as a member of an org in 2019-2020 as a member of Los Angeles Guerrillas.

FeLo joins Paris Legion as a former substitute of the 2020 CDL champions, Dallas Empire. Although a talented player, FeLo – like Decemate – hasn’t competed in the 2021 CDL as a starter in any team.

Lastly, Paris Legion decided to sign a Call of Duty veteran, John, who has been on the scene since 2011. Unlike his new teammates, John had a chance to compete in the CDL as a member of Los Angeles Thieves, who signed him in June.

However, besides his two-month stint with the Thieves, John hasn’t been a part of a top-tier org since 2019, when he played for Luminosity Gaming.

High Expectations For the 2022 Season

Paris Legion hasn’t achieved much in 2021, but it’s easy to see why the organization is confident in its chances to shine in the CDL 2022 season. Admittedly, Legion doesn’t field one of the strongest rosters in the league, but they have assembled a very experienced roster with solid upside.

Decemate had an up-and-down season in 2021, but realistically, he hasn’t had a chance to shine. Having spent only two short stints with Seattle Surge and New York Sublibers, the 23-year-old has been competing in the CDL for just over three weeks combined.

FeLo has had more time to prove his worth, as he got brought into the Dallas Empire roster to replace Cuyler “Huke” Garland after Stage 2. Unfortunately, the team couldn’t find any traction, ushering in the departure of FeLo in favor of Reece “Vivid” Drost in May.

John, who was most recently a member of LA Thieves brings a championship pedigree to the squad as the 2016 CoD world champion and 2016 CoD World Championship MVP. Although he has struggled in 2021 after joining Thieves midway through the season, the change of scenery could see the former champion bounce back.

With their CoD roster locked in, all there is left to do for Paris Legion is to wait for the 2022 CDL season to begin. The tournament organizers have yet to reveal when the season will kick off, but if we go by the dates of the previous years, the season should start sometime in February.

Meanwhile, Paris Legion can work on forming a strong bond and practicing on the newly-released CoD: Vanguard, which is the title that will be used for the third CDL season.

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