On June 2, Riot Games officially released its tactical FPS called Valorant. It is a tactical shooter video game created by the company along with other video games such as Legends of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics.

The game announced its presence in October 2019, and since then, Riot Games fans and even FPS fans were eager to play it.

The game is a free-to-play online service game where five players on each team choose characters and start a tactical shooting matchup while plating or defusing the spike-bomb in each round. The first team to win 13 games wins.

Each character from the game has its own abilities like Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment, and the players need to perform tactical plays like in Counter-Strike: Global Operation.

Valorant Early Rave Reviews

The Valorant closed beta went live on April 7 and ended on May 28. Even before the launch of the closed beta, many people started comparing Valorant to Riot Games’ most popular game, League of Legends.

They doubted that it would be a hit due to the exceptionally different style of play and would not lure enough fans to play the game. However, it was an immediate success.

Anna Donlon, the game’s executive producer at Riot, mentioned that the company never expected three million players to be playing the game. Also, many Esports professionals are now focusing on Valorant due to its unique features and play style.

The purpose of the closed beta version of the game was to generate interest as well as catch typical issues, like cheating and bugs, to help fix the game and get ready for launch.

Joe Ziegler, the game director, recalled the challenges of working with his team while everyone was working remotely from their homes and communicated through video calls. It was difficult for Riot to prepare the launch of the game and was even thinking of postponing the launch date.

Nevertheless, they managed to solve problems and successfully publish the FPS game.

The esports market is expanding every day and contributing tons to the sports industry. Riot Games stands as one of the top gaming companies, and the games are adored by millions around the world.

Riot is not afraid to show the world new video games even during times like this with the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protest.

Due to quarantine, many gamers spend most of their time gaming at home. More people will be exposed to games like Valorant, and the number of players will increase.