Rocket League has just unveiled a new gridiron mode, and NFL fans pack to commemorate the Super Bowl.

Before we talk about the new modes that will be available from February 2-8, let’s talk about what Rocket League is precisely.

Rocket League is a sport based video game that involves soccer and cars. The player is the car, and the car attempts to score a goal. Rocket league can also include additional modes such as ice hockey and basketball.

Rocket League is a technical game that involves a high level of dexterity and fast-paced gameplay. What sets Rocket League apart from other games is that the car is the competitor and can fly with a boost.

Each team starts on opposite sides of the ball and race to the middle to hit it. Once the ball is in play, the clock winds down until someone has scored.

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The ball restarts in the middle, and players race to hit it first again. In the end, if both teams are tied, they go to overtime until a winner is determined.

This is a game that seems like a fun, easy-to-play game when you look at it, but it takes much more practice than you think. Many have dedicated their days and nights to this game and show the most unique, unimaginable skill.

The growth of this game and esports is fast and big. Every year Rocket League holds a global tournament where teams compete to be crowned champion and win $1 million.

Rocket League has grown so much that they are partnering with the NFL this year for the Super Bowl. It will feature the most anticipated gridiron mode. In this mode, Champions Field will turn into a football field that will only feature 4v4 matches. The soccer ball will also change into a football that sticks to the top of the car.

Players score 3 points if passed or loose when scored, and they will receive seven if the ball is attached to a player’s car while entering the opponent’s goal post.

Players can also complete in different event challenges that will earn XP, NFL wheels, and the Gridiron player title. Lastly, the game will come with a pack that can be purchased for 800 credits, including decals for all 32 teams.

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