The Nordavid roster just improved dramatically, as the team announced the signing of ex-Ambush eSports player Thomas “Ryxxo” Nielsen, who has teamed up with the Norwegian eSports organization as a part of the rebuild process. The deal will see the 24-year-old AWPer join the Scandinavian roster permanently after standing in for the team for the last three weeks.

Roster Instability Plaguing Nordavind Throughout 2020

The Nordavind roster has gone through quite a turbulent period this year. Outside of short stints of prosperity, Noradvind struggled with roster instability throughout most of the year, which eventually led to more than a handful of roster changes in the last nine months.

In January, the Nordavind roster was changed as Håkon “hallzerk” Fjærli was benched for Christian “NaToSaphiX” Sillassen and Kevin “HS” Tarn. The move ushered in two months of relative stability that ended in March when a wrist injury forced Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel to step down from the active roster. The Norwegian CS:GO veteran was quickly replaced by Haris “H4RR3” Hadžić, who was offered a permanent contract in June after it was announced RUBINO decided to part ways with the team.

However, the Nordavind roster changes did not stop there. In August, Nordavind decided to bench NaToSaphiX, leaving them with only four members on the team, thus forcing Nordavind to play with their coach Dennis “Rytter” Rytter.

More roster changes followed at the start of September when Nordavind acquired Ryxxo from Ambush Esports as a loanee to round out their roster. Unfortunately, the promising situation turned upside down just three weeks later, when HS announced his departure, reverting his now-former employer to a four-person team.

Ryxxo Offered Permanent Nordavind Roster Spot

The turbulent period has left the Norwegian esports organization uncertain about their active lineup, which ushered Nordavind to offer Ryxxo a permanent spot on their active lineup this Wednesday. The offer would make the Dane an official member of a team he has represented since September 2.

Since joining the team as a loanee, Ryxxo has played 17 games under Nordavind’s banner and impressed with his performances. The Danish sniper has led Nordavind to six victories while averaging a reasonably impressive 1.07 HLTV rating.

Nordavind marks Ryxxo’s 10th stop in his five-year-long career as a CS:GO pro player. The Dane began his career in 2015 with TAKTIKSTATIV and later played for Eastern Vikings, Alpha Gaming, Team Singularity, Tricked Esports, Unknown, STEPxHYDR, Stepback, and most recently for Ambush Esports.

Ryxxo’s most notable career accomplishment came in April 2017, when he helped Team Singularity to a gold medal at Copenhagen Games 2017. Other significant achievements include gold medals from Nordish Gaming Convention Masters 2017, iGame Nordic Invitational #2, and Hellcase Cup #4, as well as two silver medals from Danish Championship 2017 and LOOT.BET Hotshot Series Season 1.

What’s Next for Nordavind’s CS:GO Roster

With the signing of Ryxxo, the Nordavind roster is now fielding a four-person team, made up of Jesper “tenzki” Plougmann Mikalski, Jørgen “cromen” Robertsen, and H4RR3. However, the future of the lineup remains unclear, since Nordavind were seen playing without H4RR3 in their most recent fixtures.

Instead, Nordavind fielded a Danish CS:GO veteran Thomas “⁠haste⁠” Dyrensborg and a 16-year-old prodigy Ådne “⁠sense⁠” Fredriksen from their academy roster Noradvind NO. The duo represented Noradvind’s banner in the opening matches of ESEA Season 35: Premier Division – Europe and are expected to continue fighting for the Norwegian esports organization until further notice.

As it stands now, Noradvind is holding onto a 1-1 record at ESEA, which sits them in 11th place. So far, they have defeated FATE (16-6) but lost to SKADE (16-10).

Ryxxo has played a pivotal role in both of those matches, and especially impressed with his performance in the series against FATE, which he ended with 16 frags and a 1.46 HLTV rating. It marked his best performance in Nordavind’s jersey ahead of Dane’s 1.18 rating against SKADE and 1.22 series rating against Secret at the start of the month.