Six Flags Fiesta Texas, in San Antonio Texas, is a theme park, but Six Flags is looking to expand the facilities for an Esport arena and cooperative gaming area.

“Six Flags Fiesta Texas remains an industry leader in innovation, offering the most incredible and technologically advanced thrills,” said Park President Jeffrey Siebert.

“This cutting-edge gaming arena is a first for the amusement industry, representing our dedication to offering a premium experience in every aspect of our guests’ visit,” added Siebert.


The “ESIX Gaming powered by Coca-Cola” has some advanced features that would make any fan of esports drool. The event stage allows for guests to feel the intensity of live esports tournaments in a 5v5 gaming format while utilizing 50 different gaming stations.

Guests of all skill levels can compete and experience their favorite Esport games on advanced gaming equipment. All of the gaming PCs provided will be equipped with the latest 4080 Graphic cards, 280 Hz Monitors, pro keyboards, mice and headphones. Guests will truly be getting a professional experience.

Park guests are also able to to host their own livestream using a professional streaming setup with all the latest tech.

The new Esport area comes complete with a bar, restrooms and other enhanced amenities that can’t be found anywhere else in the park.

The Esport arena will be named the “Zaragoza Theater. The arena will seat 1,601 and can be used for esports events and game play for small to even large scale tournaments.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas x Roadrunner Gaming Partnership

Fiesta Texas also announced that it would be partnering with “Roadrunner Gaming,” which is a student organization at UTSA, for feedback, internships and employment opportunities.

“We are excited to be included in the new esports development process,” Zach Beesley, president of Roadrunner Gaming, said in the release. “Roadrunner Gaming looks forward to our ongoing involvement and to the future of this new, first-of-its-kind facility.”

The new Esport area will be a new attraction for Six Flags and will also be another aspect that they can add to their resume as an entertainment company in an industry that is constantly expanding. I think it is also smart for Six Flags to place an Esport facility on the site of a theme park, as the demographic might be more inclined to stop in and interact with the new facilities.

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