LCS 2019 Summer Split enters week two after what can only be described as an exciting week 1, where we saw some expected as well as some less than anticipated results by North American League of Legends teams. Seeing some impressive, as well as a handful of disappointing, results from our favorite teams, the 10 participants get ready for week 2, which is expected to be just as entertaining as week 1.

Week 1 Turned Sour for Team Liquid

A long-anticipated week 1 of LCS Summer Split is behind us, and with it, we got to see how one of the most talked-about NA teams performed, which to be fair, was far from what we have expected. All eyes were set on the MSI 2019 runners-up, Team Liquid, who had a lot to prove heading into LCS Summer Split.

The first match for Liquid was a rematch of Spring Split finals against an old enemy Team Solo Mid, who are widely considered to be the only team that can stand up to Team Liquid, and the only team that can potentially dethrone them. But being a team that can potentially defeat Team Liquid and actually doing so are two completely different things, as we could see on day 1 of LCS Summer Split.

A match that seemed like it could go either way soon turned into a match that can go only one way, which was in Team Liquid’s favor. Team Liquid dismantled TSM with a 30-minute win and a huge 13k gold lead. After a dominant win against one of the best NA teams, Team Liquid got ready for a match against Echo Fox on day two.

Against all odds, it was Echo Fox who won a team fight in the 28th minute, which gave them enough time to demolish Liquid base and win a close match, securing their first win of Summer Split. Starting week 1 with an impressive win against TSM only to end it with a disappointing defeat against Echo Fox, Team Liquid leaves a lot to be desired.

Counter Logic Gaming and 100 Thieves Looking To Impress

In the upcoming week, Team Liquid can be happy their schedule is much more forgiving, as they face off against CLG and 100 Thieves, two teams that failed to impress us thus far. Losing to TSM and winning against 100 Thieves on week 1, CLG is a team that is miles from their prime, years ago.

As the oldest League of Legends team still active to this today, Counter Logic Gaming sadly fall into the category of teams that are not capable of threatening the top spots in NA.

Talking about failing to threaten the top spots, 100 Thieves enter the Summer Split after a disastrous Spring Split, where they finished last, with a 4-14 record to their name. While it would be hard to argue 100 Thieves are among the elite three teams, they have got a team that on paper should be a strong competitor, even against some of the best NA teams out there.

But as we have learned, having the potential to be good is not everything and should not be overrated. Looking at their performances in Summer Split, 100 Thieves are once again at the bottom of the table with an 0-2 record after losing to CLG and OpTic Gaming.

Team Liquid Looking for a 3-1 Record

As mentioned, Team Liquid can be happy to enter week 2 of LCS Summer Split with CLG and 100 Thieves on their schedule. Looking back at Summer Split results, neither CLG nor 100 Thieves managed to put up a good fight against Team Liquid, who defeated them both 2-0 with relative ease. While it’s true Team Liquid disappointed with a defeat against Echo Fox, I do not believe this will be the Team Liquid we will be watching in the weeks to come.

Comparing Team Liquid to CLG and 100 Thieves, the difference in experience and quality is huge, and with the drive to win within the team who are coming from a historic moment in MSI 2019, there is no doubt in my mind Team Liquid can easily dismantle both of the week 2 opponents. Taking all into consideration, I expect Team Liquid to finish week 2 with a 2-0 record, bringing them closer to leaderboard leaders Cloud9.

Prediction: Team Liquid to win against Counter Logic Gaming

Prediction: TeamLiquid to win against 100 Thieves

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