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Team Liquid, FlyQuest Stand Alone at the Top, LCS Spring Split Week 3 Overview

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The next ten matches of the LCS Spring Split have been played and the top of the leaderboard has been shaken up a bit. Read more about the week three results here.

After holding the top spot, albeit tied, for the first two weeks of the split, 100 Thieves have finally been dethroned. Taking the Thieves’s spot are dark horse FlyQuest and Lock-In Champions Team Liquid.

Although the leaderboard has been moved around a bit, there have been some major roster changes as well. Cloud9 shockingly announced the release of beloved head coach “LS,” taking many fans and analysts by surprise. While no official statements have been made regarding the reason for this release, the wording of “release” led some LoL community members to assume something bad.
TSM also made some changes this week. Specifically, they moved their recently signed support “Shenyi” to the academy roster and promoted academy support “Yursan” to the main roster.

With the first LCS “Superweek” on the horizon, here are the current standings going into week four.

1. FlyQuest (5-1)
1. Team Liquid (5-1)
3. 100 Thieves (4-2)
3. Cloud9 (4-2)
5. Dignitas (3-3)
5. Golden Guardians (3-3)
7. Evil Geniuses (2-4)
7. Immortals (2-4)
9. Counter Logic Gaming (1-5)
9. Team SoloMid (1-5)

Week Three Day One

Match Schedule

GG vs 100T
TL vs EG
CLG vs C9

While Golden Guardians have been on the rise, having a 2-0 weekend last week, they were no match for the defending LCS Champions in 100 Thieves. After taking an early kill lead, 100T used this momentum to widen the gap, building an even larger lead off of solo kills. The first team fight did not unfold until the 20 minute mark when GG initiated the Baron. Trading 4-for-1, 100T took a 7k gold lead and carried out the rest of the match largely undisturbed. In just 26:43, 100T beat GG 17-3.

Although not a particularly exciting matchup, TSM debuted their academy support “Yursan” and claimed their first victory of the split. While IMT took a sizable lead, a critical misplay on their part allowed TSM to seize the Baron and initiate a base race. Despite being down, TSM won the base race in an exciting fashion, winning the matchup 11-8 in 33:47.

In one of the most anticipated rematches of the split, TL debuted Veigar in professional play to counter Corki. Long story short, Veigar is a monster, and a definite answer to the threat of Corki. While the match was largely silent, the first team fight gave TL the edge and Baron. With this momentum, TL reinforced their Lock-In dominance, handing EG their third loss. The final match timer sat at 27:47, with TL winning 14-5.

If you thought TL was scary, FlyQuest showed the entirety of the LCS just how dangerous they are. With one of the more difficult schedules this week, FlyQuest would have to face off against both DIG and 100T. Although not as scary a matchup as 100T, Dignitas is no joke this split. But FlyQuest definitely made it seem like they are. Although the early game was fairly even in kills, FlyQuest held a sizable gold lead for the majority of the match. Using their gold advantage, FlyQuest was able to secure a victory, 13-5, through objectives and team fights in just over 38 minutes.

FlyQuest proved they could be the team to beat at this year’s LCS Spring Split.

In perhaps one of the most shocking dominations of the split, CLG secured their first victory of the split after new C9 head coach Max Waldo decided to draft “normally.” With the release of LS, C9 looks to have changed their draft to a more traditional team composition. Unfortunately, it is not a very good look for them. With a 9-1 kill deficit at 22 minutes, CLG held a gold lead way too massive for C9 to overcome. In 38:10, CLG handed C9 one of the most incredible upsets of the split, winning 16-5.

Week Three Day Two

Match Schedule

FLY vs 100T
TSM vs C9

EG fans, it is not looking great. Although the matchup was close, it really should not have been. 100T aside, losing to IMT is not something serious contenders should be doing. With a new record of 2-4, EG lost the match after a failed Baron teamfight that netted IMT a 4-for-1 trade reminiscent of their victory over 100T. Extending their lead with this momentum, four members of IMT held EG at soul point drake while their top laner pushed in and destroyed the Nexus in 36:48. The final kill tally was 20-13 in favor of IMT.

In their second tough match of the week FlyQuest did not disappoint. Although 100T had a sizable 4.5k gold lead at 20 minutes, a failed team fight in mid at 23 minutes gave FlyQuest Baron and allowed them to completely flip the game and take the gold lead themselves. Using this momentum, FlyQuest narrowly won the matchup 16-11 at 43:14.

Recognizing their traditional draft would be an issue, C9 decided to select Nocturne jungle and Karthus ADC. Although down 9-2 at 19 minutes, C9’s control of camps and waves kept them well within the realm of victory, essentially negating any gold lead on behalf of TSM. In fact, when down 18-9 at 29 minutes, C9 actually had a gold lead of 1.5k. This lead ballooned into over 5k after a 4v4 teamfight for the Elder Drake went 4-for-0 in favor of C9. Using this momentum, C9 claimed victory in 32:29 despite going 15-19.

After falling short against FlyQuest, Dignitas was looking to bounce back against GG. Unfortunately, GG had other plans. After a series of critical outplays and well-timed ganks, GG had a massive advantage at 25 minutes. With four kills to DIG’s 0, GG had a huge 8k gold lead. Although DIG managed to grab four kills of their own, it did not matter. GG easily won the matchup 12-4 in 44:20.
After FlyQuest took over the leaderboard with a victory over 100 Thieves, TL were looking to join them. To the surprise of absolutely no one, they did so with relative ease. Although they lost a team fight five-for-none at 20 minutes and a subsequent Baron, TL had accumulated too big of a gold lead to be stunted. In 28:35, TL ran through CLG and won the match 15-10.

Although this week shook things up quite a bit, next week is the first “Superweek.” Each team will play three other teams to finish out the first round robin and give us a good look at the standings moving forward.

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