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The All-New Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference

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The All-New Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference – Events DC renewed its partnership with Game Gym to start the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference.

The All-New Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference: Events DC, the District of Columbia’s official convention and sports authority, renewed its partnership with Game Gym to start the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference for collegiate esports in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

Before we talk more about the partnership, let me tell you exactly what Game Gym is. Game Gym is your local club esports team and training center and can also be done online. It features the best local esports coaches, info on health and nutrition, and more.

The Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference will be set up to create local rivalries and foster friendly competition against the participating schools and keep up the development of esports programs through cash prizes, scholarships, and donations of computers and gaming equipment.

Twelve schools will go head to head in the inaugural spring 2021 season, playing League of Legends, Rocket League, and Overwatch.

“Events DC is proud to support our regional collegiate esports community by partnering with Game Gym to launch this new Conference,” said Gregory O’Dell, president, and chief executive officer of Events DC.

“Washington DC is a vibrant and dynamic hub for sporting and cultural events that can’t be found anywhere else – and esports is an increasingly important component of that ecosystem.

We look forward to expanding our engagement with the esports community through our partnership with Game Gym and our role as co-founder of the Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference.”

Game Gym’s CEO Josh Hafkin said: “The Mid-Atlantic Esports Conference will raise the level of competition here in the region and help support the growing esports programmes at colleges and universities throughout DC, Virginia, and Maryland. We are proud to launch this Conference in partnership with Events DC.”

The twelve schools that will be participating in the first season are Catholic University of America, George Mason University, Hood College, Howard Community College, Marymount University, Mount Saint Mary’s University, Northern Virginia Community College, Old Dominion University, Randolph College, Shenandoah University, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Directors of esports at Shenandoah University said: “It is great to see the formation of an independent esports conference for institutions of higher education starting here in the Mid-Atlantic area. We are looking forward to increased competition and professional development opportunities around esports, as we all continue to build up esports and make the Mid-Atlantic region a leader in the collegiate esports space.”

The Conference plans to develop and manage other programs to support esports at the participating colleges and universities that include an online resource to promote internships for high school and college gamers.


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