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Esports Preview: Ubisoft’s Hyper Scape Wider Release Coming Soon

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UbiSoft latest game Hyper Scape is turning heads with beautiful gameplay mechanics and virtual world. Read up to find out more about one of the hottest games on the market right now.

On July 12, Ubisoft will release a free-to-play first-person shooter battle royal game, Hyper Scape. Developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal, Hyper Scape is said to be a fast-paced FPS Battle Royale that is set in a futuristic virtual world for both PC and consoles.

The game was officially unveiled on July 2, but it was only available for a select group of streamers and creators. Gamers who wanted access to the game had to wait until July 6. In order to get access to the closed beta, the player has to be in an eligible region and watch registered Twitch streams to earn Twitch Drops.

How the Game Is Played

Hyper Scape is set in a virtual city of Neo Arcadia and players fight through seven districts where they engage in fast-paced and shooting combat. The virtual setting allows players to jump on roofs, between buildings, and use powerful skills and weapons to eliminate their opponents.

Throughout each match, the Blight progressively dissolves the city and makes players closer to each other like any other Battle Royale game. Death does not immediately kill the player. The dead player becomes an echo that can explore the environment while invisible and can be revived once one of their teammates manages to kill another enemy.

As the match nears its end, players or teams that make it to the final showdown appear in the middle of the map. They are able to choose their path to victory either by killing all other enemies or choosing a more tactical approach and go for the crown and carry it for 45 seconds to seek victory.

Hyper Scape Standouts

The gameplay mechanics are based on hero-like abilities available as floor loot, emphasis on upgrading weapons, and high mobility with jump pads and rooftop access. There are walling abilities, hacks to transform into an orb that can bounce over buildings, and a huge range of proficiencies, from basic healing to armor buffs.

The squad revival system, invisibility hacks, and ability to win without killing anyone are unique and intriguing methods to play a Battle Royale game. It seems to be designed for aggressive and highly skilled players.

Hyper Scape and Twitch

The video game agreed to a full partnership with Twitch. While the gamer is playing Hyper Scape, Twitch chat will be able to download as an extension that directly influences the player’s game. Viewers can buy Twitch bits through an extension when watching someone’s stream, and the streamer gets a share of the money.

Twitch promised a viewer event where viewers are able to vote on game mode modifiers like infinite ammo and low gravity. They are also bringing in squad invites where a streamer can pull chosen viewers directly into their game without having to add them as a friend.

The esports game rocketed up to the top of the Twitch charts when it was first unveiled. However, it recently fell to 17th place behind other Battle Royale games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, and PUBG. While Hyper Scape’s technical beta is only available in PC, it will be available on consoles like PS4 and Xbox once it is officially released.

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