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Reports Indicate that UNF0RGIVEN Will Spend 2023 in the LCS

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UNF0RGIVEN will reportedly make an appearance on an LCS team this year. Read more about his move here.

This year’s LEC offseason rumors involve some of the most dramatic attack damage carry (ADC) moves the league has ever seen. If all of the current ADC rumors are true, only two teams will keep the same ADCs as in 2022: KOI (formerly Rogue) and XL.

While previous carries like Carzzy and Neon will remain in the league, both players will be playing for different teams next year. Similarly, big names like Rekkles and Hans sama are supposed to make a return to the league. The inclusion of so many new figures makes finding open spots current and aspiring ADCs very difficult.

As a result, big names like Fnatic’s ADC Upset are likely to be teamless for 2023. While this rumor has sparked significant controversy given Upset’s incredible performances last split, another notable, but less popular LEC ADCs has gone under the radar. from summer has seemingly gone under the radar.

UNF0RGIVEN to 100 Thieves

Current LEC rumors indicate that, alongside Upset, the 2022 First Team All-Pro ADC will not be playing on an LEC roster next season. William “UNF0RGIVEN” Nieminen was nominated for the All-Pro ADC spot for his incredible performances on MAD Lions that dramatically improved MAD’s standings from Spring and gave them the opportunity to attend Worlds 2022.

While Nieminen was not the standout player for MAD Lions, he frequently found himself in winning situations and was regarded as one of the best ADCs in the league this summer. With major moves being made in the bottom lane this offseason, it appears interest in Nieminen domestically has decreased. Fortunately, a top LCS team has its eyes on the young star.

Renowned leaker and League of Legends insider Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger announced Nieminen’s reported move earlier this week. His complete message is as follows:

[Sources] Bot laner Unforgiven will play for 100 Thieves next year.

It is NOT known yet whether he will play in the LCS or Academy team.

Karmine Corp was interested in the player, but he committed last night

UNF0RGIVEN and the Doublelift Situation

Seeger was careful to note that the ADC situation for 100 Thieves next season was not yet clear. While Nieminen has verbally agreed to join 100 Thieves in 2023, it is not public whether or not he will play in the academy scene or for the LCS roster.

This is important as LCS rumors indicate Doublelift is interested in coming out of retirement to play alongside Bjergsen and Spica on 100 Thieves next season. If Doublelift’s deal fell through, Nieminen could very well be the starting ADC on 100T in 2023. If not, he could be joining 100T Academy for the inaugural season of the NACL (North American Challengers League).

100T’s most recent ADC, FBI, is rumored to be leaving the team to play with Evil Geniuses in the absence of breakout star Danny, who is battling an ongoing mental health crisis. Danny, who exited the team following their win over Team Liquid in the LCS Summer Championship, is reportedly unlikely to return to play this year.

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