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Latest Updates to MLB The Show 2021 Released

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Last week MLB The Show 2021 continued to update rosters, player ratings and continued to update the Diamond Dynasty game mode with the updates.

The regular updates to the Diamond Dynasty come every two weeks and last week produced several new diamond-rated players. Here is what you need to know about the newest round of player ratings across MLB The Show 2021.

MLB The Show 2021 | The New Diamonds

For players to be classified as diamond status they need to have an overall rating of at least 85, otherwise, players fall in either the gold or silver categories. As the 2021 season has progressed, more players have been added to the diamond category.

The first update featured just two players moving up to diamond status, but the update from June 11 saw six new players added to diamond status.

The newest group of diamond players includes Houston Astros first baseman Yuli Gurriel, Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Tyler Glasnow, Giants pitcher Kevin Gausman and White Sox starter, Lance Lynn.

Some of the game’s best performers this season also saw upgrades to their overall rating, including Cy Young candidate Jacob deGrom, Washington Nationals’ starter Max Scherzer and Brewers starter Corbin Burnes. Vladimir Guerro Jr., who leads Major League Baseball in home runs as of Monday, also saw his overall rating increase.

Although, Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, Washington starter Stephen Strasburg, Milwaukee reliever Devin Williams, and Cleveland starting pitcher James Karinchak falling out of diamond status after failing to meet expectations through the first half of the season.

Diamond Dynasty Rating Changes

The Show is regularly monitoring how players are playing throughout the season, so they can make updates to the players’ ratings. In the most recent update to the player ratings, there is a change in the top-15 Diamond Dynasty players. Here is the current top-15 players with the rating changes in the most recent update:

  • Jacob deGrom, 95 overall (+2), New York Mets
  • Max Scherzer, 90 overall (+1), Washington Nationals
  • Corbin Burnes, 88 overall (+2), Milwaukee Brewers
  • Freddie Freeman, 88 overall (-2), Atlanta Braves
  • Vladimir Guerro Jr., 87 overall (+1), Toronto Blue Jays
  • Brandon Woodruff, 87 overall (+1), Milwaukee Brewers
  • Matt Olson, 87 overall (+1), Oakland Athletics
  • Juan Soto, 87 overall (+1), Washington Nationals
  • Liam Hendricks, 87 overall (+2), Chicago White Sox
  • Yuli Girriel, 86 overall (+2) New Diamond, Houston Astros
  • Walker Buehler, 86 overall (+1), Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Tyler Glasnow, 85 overall (+2) New Diamond, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Kevin Gausman, 85 overall (+2) New Diamond, San Francisco Giants
  • Lance Lann, 85 overall (+1) New Diamond, Chicago White Sox
  • Chrisitan Yelich, 85 overall (-3), Milwaukee Brewers

The entire list of player attribute changes can be viewed here.

Adding a Hall of Famer

The Show has continued to roll out new features for the 3rd inning program, with some of the newest player programs now being included.

Giants Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal is one of the newest players to join the game mode. Marichal also spent time with the Red Sox and Dodgers during his career, which was highlighted by his dominance in the 1960s.

Marichal won more games than any starting pitcher in the 1960s and finished with 244 career complete games during his 16-year career. With that many career complete games, Marichal’s stamina rating is an incredible 111.

So if you’re looking for a starting pitcher to give you a long outing or need someone to give you several innings, Marichal is worth keeping.

There are several different ways to unlock Marichal’s card in Diamond Dynasty and they can all be read about here.

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