Riot Games announced that it has created the “Ignition Series” for its new game Valorant. While there have been a handful of tournaments hosted by Twitch and ESPN, this will be the first with Riot Games’ direct involvement. The Ignition Series will be a multi-organizational event that will see individual tournament runs worldwide, including North America, Korea, Brazil, Europe, Turkey, Russia, Latin America, Japan, South East Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.

The series was formed in partnership with players, teams, content creators, and tournament organizers from all over the world focused on building the game as a competitive ecosystem. More than 20 esports organizations have partnered with the game to create tournaments. The series will begin on June 19 with the European G2 Esports Invitational, presented by Red Bull, and the RAGE Valorant Japanese Invitational will take place on June 20.

The G2 Esports Valorant Invitational will consist of eight teams, and players will not know who they are playing with until the day before the tournament.

“We are ready to open the Valorant Ignition Series and continue the success of the G2 EU Brawls in an all-out entertainment-filled invitational,” said Carlos Rodriguez, CEO of G2 Esports. “Our partnership with Riot has helped make the European League of Legends community the force it is today and contributed to the success of the LEC, and I have no doubt that we will do the same for Valorant.”

What’s All the RAGE About?

RAGE is Japan’s biggest Esports event. It will officially hold the Valorant tournament with 16 teams competing against each other for the ultimate prize of 500,000 yen.

“We’re thrilled to pull together the best from gaming and esports to deliver a program that will showcase Valorant on a global scale,” said Whalen Rozelle, the senior director of esports at Riot Games. “The Ignition Series will unlock the creative potential of some of our top partners and will help us build an Esport from the ground up that is authentic to the Valorant community.”

Rozelle and Kasra Jafroodi, Valorant Esports Strategy Lead, introduced the Valorant Ignition Series which will spotlight a few tournaments each week to help discover talented players and build global recognition for top Valorant pros and teams. The Ignition Series tournament will consist of a combination of competitive open qualifiers, show matches, and invitationals featuring skilled players, established personalities, and aspiring amateurs.

Even before Riot Games officially announced the competitive tournament, Overwatch’s biggest star, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, decided to switch to Valorant during the closed beta phase. He will compete for esports organization Sentinels. Won said he retired from Overwatch simply because he “straight up lost passion” for the game.

Unlike other FPS esports like CS:GO or Overwatch, Valorant lets third-party organizations run the competitions. Usually, the sole game developers would take the initiative to do everything by themselves. However, Riot Games leaves the organization up to its partners.

It has been nearly two weeks after its official launch, and Valorant has already achieved great success. Riot’s commitment to the game in the long term shown is surely reassuring to many of the fans.


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